Is your house haunted?

Your house should be your sanctuary. The place where you kick off your shoes, put your feet up on the couch and unwind (or even hide) from the rest of the world. When it’s not, it can be very disturbing.

I’ve had many conversations with people being disturbed by Negative Energy and Ghosts. They tell me they know something is in their house but they can’t describe it or that they are out right scared to be in there by themselves.

They say that they feel depressed, out of control and often anxiety ridden for no apparent reason.

They ask: could my house be haunted?

The short answer is yes!

Children and pets are often the first to know

Blog - scared babyYour child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night saying there’s a monster in their room and it’s increasingly more difficult to comfort them. Your pets are standing in the corners, scratching at the wall and barking or meowing, at what seems like nothing, yet night after night they do the same thing.

I know of a couple who resorted to spraying their cat with water to try to curb the behaviour when poor kitty was only trying to warn them about the spirit in their house.Blog - scared dog

Another family called in an Animal Whisperer only to find out that one of their beloved kitties was so agitated by the negative energy he had considered leaving them.

These are all signs that you have a ghost, spirit or entity in your home

“Knowing that spaces can be cleared of Negative Energy, I booked a House Clearing to find out if there were unhappy energies or spirits in our house. For several years, something had been going on in the basement. We didn’t even want to sleep down there. Over the years we have booked appointments for repairs to be done in the basement, but no one ever shows up to actually fix things.

From the time that Jayne arrived, all my pets instantly loved her. I took that as a good sign. It felt good to discuss my concerns and receive an explanation for what was happening. The Negative Energy has now been cleared from the basement! Jayne provided a professional service. The value I received was totally worth my investment. I have already recommended her services to others.”

~ Janice B ~

Are you avoiding being in your own home?

Blog - working-in-red-Coffee ShopI have been told that folks take their lap-top and briefcase to the local Coffee Shop and spend the day there, just to avoid having to sit in the energy of their own home.

Or their friends and family come over and can’t wait to get out of there, or they make excuses to avoid coming to your place, all together.

People are ready to sell and move out because they are at their wit’s end. They would rather face Realtor, Banking, Lawyer’s fees and all the hassle, than stay another month under these conditions.

They can’t concentrate at work because, for weeks, they’ve been up half the night tending to an inconsolable child or pet. Thoughts of losing their job, comes to mind. What a shame.

This is no way to live! You deserve peace and tranquility in your own home. You deserve to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

Other signs that your house may be haunted

 You keep seeing a form or a figure, out of the corner of your eye

  • Footsteps, knocks and bangs are heard from rooms that no one is in
  • Door knobs are rattling and radios are turning on all by themselves
  • Things have been moved after you know they were put in their proper place
  • You have outright seen a Ghost standing in your kitchen, looking back at you

If you believe you have a ghost in your home, contact me. Whether it’s a ghost, spirit, entity – or just a collection of bad energy, a house clearing can restore the joyful feeling of living in and loving your home, once again.

Blog - family-tickling-each-other-1429196-639x434

Be joyful again. Book a House Clearing today.






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