Your Ego is NOT your Amigo


Ego will never help you achieve your personal goals



Something just wasn’t right.  I couldn’t put my finger on it…the emailed request just wasn’t sitting with me comfortably.  An adult child, living in the house was experiencing dramatic behavioural changes suggesting to me that he might have negative energy attached to him.  These situations always concern me.  Several emails were exchanged with the head of the household – a palo santo user, sandalwood incense burner, and Tibetan singing bowl player!  YAY!!!  We spoke the same spiritual language!  I was excited to work with them.



Only IF my work was Successful


However, the conversations turned sideways.  I was asked to accept ½ of my fee as a non-refundable deposit and if my services were deemed effective I would then receive the balance of my full fee.  That way, we would both share the risk.  [The risk that my work would not be successful].  And who could resist the promise from them that if my work was successful I may even get a bonus and an enthusiastic testimonial.  When it comes to the Ego, flattery will get you everywhere.


This is when something started “feeling” wrong.  I started justifying my work.  My first tell-tale sign.  Here’s what I wrote:


“Please rest assured that I have worked with Ghosts and Entities for well over 10 years now.  When I do my work, I am careful and thorough.  I conduct myself with integrity, so I guarantee my work for up to 7 days.  If I ever have to go back to someone’s home, it’s usually because the person has called Entities back to them, not because my initial work was unsuccessful.”


The Expectation of Failure



A response came back talking again about sharing the risk.  They were hiring me to achieve a specific purpose [fixing their child’s behaviour] and if the objective was achieved, and the job was done to their satisfaction, I would have no doubt in receiving my full fee.  Suddenly, this situation became about money, risk management and failure.

That little voice in the back of my head was getting louder by the minute.  “I can do this!” it said.  “I’ll show them that my gift is valuable”, it said.  “I’m confident in my skills.  I’ll get my full fee.  You just wait and see”, it said.


Intention and Perspective



I stopped dead in my tracks, realizing what was happening.  My Ego had totally taken over and I was listening to that small, narrow, disappointing little voice in the back of my head.


Here was my response:



“I have thought long and hard about your proposal and I have consulted my Spirit Guides.  This is our conclusion.  In my work, I am responsible for clearing Ghosts, Entities and pockets of negative energy from people, homes and workplaces.  Behavioural changes are expected after my work has been done.  That only makes sense.  Many people report back that they feel better and are grateful for that change.  I can guarantee that the energy will change but I cannot guarantee behavioural change.

I feel like this situation is set up to fail before we even get started.  I don’t like the thought of “sharing the risk”.  Putting the situation in those terms feels energetically diminishing.  I do completely understand where you’re coming from however, I am offering a service, not a commodity.  You would not negotiate these terms with a counsellor or a chiropractor.  The outcome is too subjective.  The responsibility of affecting a change in your child’s behaviour is enormous and too subjective.

If I accept your proposal, I would be giving into my own sense of personal ego – pride; competition; proof.  Ego-based energy work is not how I want to practice my gift.  I don’t believe that my Spirit Guides want me to be in this mind-frame.  The work is then being done by ME and not the Universal God-Source that works through me.  This is the omnipotent-syndrome.  A head-space that I don’t personally respect.  I would never want to do work on your behalf that was disrespectful to me.”


You see, I’m not talking about arrogance – a definition our society has strongly adopted when addressing Ego.  I’m talking about that fear-based human condition that keeps us separate from others.  That space where we are competitive with one another, and prideful – “I can do it better than you can”.  Although I’m guilty and often embarrassed when I realize my Ego has gotten the better of me, I do my very best as a Light Worker, not to waste my time on that energetic level.  It doesn’t work well.  I don’t get the best results.  All of the folks that I work with deserve my best.


Here’s a quote that I love from Abraham-Hicks that helps to explain.

“Of course, it is a wonderful thing to help others, but you must do it from your position of strength and alignment, which means you must be in alignment with their success as you offer assistance, and not in alignment with their problem.”





  • Do your best to move past your personal Ego
  • Work on getting to that space of strength and alignment with your Higher Self and the Universe
  • Help others when you can and do it from a place within your heart that’s open, caring and loving
  • Ego will never help you achieve your personal goals.  It will always keep you small and diminished.
  • Choose success.  Trust your intuition.  Stop listening to that little voice in the back of your head.  It doesn’t serve you or others.
  • Your Ego is NOT your amigo!!





With many Thanks to my friend and colleague Greg J. de Castro for his garden picture of Buddha
With many Thanks to the Head of the Household for helping me see clearer, find my balance and perspective


If you have Ghosts, Entities or Negative Energy in your house or workplace, CONTACT ME today.





8 responses to “Your Ego is NOT your Amigo”

  1. Wendy Courchaine Avatar

    I like the fact that you used a personal story to emphasize the ego’s manipulation and ability to sway us. I think your resolution of the matter was done with great respect for the prospective client, but more importantly great respect for yourself. Stepping out in your integrity takes a lot of courage and you accomplished that in an excellent fashion. Kudos to you for your excellent resolution of the matter.

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thank you Wendy for your kind words. The Ego has many ways of manipulating, this is just one example. My prospective client gave me the gift of learning and I’m grateful.

  2. Rozelle Avatar

    Hi Jayne.

    What an incredible opportunity for personal enlightenment. I love how you were able to turn it around. Every now and then we are thrown these curveballs. You caught it with both hands.

    The Ego can be sneaky.

    Love Rozelle.

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thank you so much Rozelle. The Ego is so misleading in so many ways.

  3. Krista Brown Avatar

    Handled with the utmost integrity! Well done Dr. Jayne!

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thank you so much Krista. Integrity is one of the values I bring into my business. I really appreciate your comments.

  4. Rosalie Boulter Avatar
    Rosalie Boulter

    Nicely written, Jayne. So clearly demonstrating what happens when that ego steps in to bluster and defend in a way that isn’t helpful. It’s great to have an example of how being aware of this can help us make more self-full decisions.

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thank you Rosalie. We get so used to walking through our daily lives, driven by our personal ego that we forget to give it a good check-up once in a while. I appreciate your comments.

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