A typical ghost story

Ghost Story 1It was a dark and stormy night…..Actually only part of this story happened on a dark night and it probably wasn’t stormy.

For the record, I refer to the work I do as Spirit Rescue. There are those who call me a Ghost Buster but that’s just a fun way of making sense out of something that most of us don’t have allot of experience with.

 Only served to subdue the entity

I got an email from a woman who was truly in need of having her house cleared. She had spoken to a friend (a psychic and spiritualist) who lives in the BC Interior. Being too far away to assist, her friend advised her to have her house cleared, immediately. My client has another friend who lives close by. Her friend came over and placed some very powerful crystals around her house but unfortunately they only served to subdue the entity in my client’s house. Scared and bewildered, my client very tentatively reached out.

Once I had a chance to talk with her, her story was one that I have heard many times before. “I didn’t really believe in this stuff before it happened to me”. And there’s always a time when I’m asked, “Am I going crazy”? Or….”this has happened so many times now that it can’t be in my imagination”. Rest assured; it’s not in your imagination!!

She, her dog and her children had moved out

She was so concerned about the spirit in her house that she, her dog and her children had moved out. She informed me that she would not be moving back into her home until the spirit rescue had been completed. She confessed that her dog was so scared in the house he wouldn’t go out the front door or sleep on her bed any more. This is a dog that never leaves her side. Her worst episode with the spirit was when she woke in the middle of the night to see the shadowy figure of a tall man with a hat on, standing, facing her closet and looking over his shoulder, straight at her. That freaked her out!! I think it would freak anybody out.Ghost Story 4

When I arrived at her address, she was waiting for me outside. She just couldn’t be in her house, by herself. We went in together. We went down the stairs, and then onto the mid-level into the living area and kitchen and then, upstairs. Once I arrived half ways up the stairs, I started to feel my breathing getting laboured. The energy became very thick and heavy and I felt that I couldn’t get up the stairs without extra physical effort. It was clear to me that the entity living in this house had died of a heart attack, likely while on some sort of stairs or ladder, in the same area. This was a relatively newly built house so there was no reason to believe that this entity had lived in her actual house, while in human form.

I settled down on the couch and went into a ThetaHealing® state. While in this state, I was able to see and speak to the Ghost in the house. I learned that his name was Ralf and that he had lived on this land in the 1930’s. He was a farmer and was “old” for his age (approximately 45), as many were during that era when people did physical farm labour from the time that they were 6. Much to his family’s insistence, he refused to leave his land and farm.   He was on the same stairs (or a ladder) when he had his heart attack and died.   His spirit had remained there – on his land and his farm – until my client discovered him. He was the tall thin man with a hat on looking over his shoulder at her, in the middle of the night.

Ghost Story 3

After I spoke with him, I asked him to go into the light. Again, I will say that I have heard this so many times over the years. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t think that he would be welcome on the other side. He had been waiting for his daughter to come for him. She hadn’t shown up yet. He was scared. I told Ralf that his presence was scaring the current resident of this house. He was clearly distressed to hear this. It was not his intention to cause anyone distress and he was sorry. He repeatedly asked to me to relay his message about being sorry. It was not his intention to cause any angst and he made me promise to tell my client – and I did. At that point he willingly crossed over into the light and just before he did I heard him say “Hey….there’s my daughter”. I always get a confirmation from those who cross over. I saw his smiling face and a wave of his hand which is my sign from spirit that all is well.

 He pulled the dog’s tail, he poked at the boys backs and

he moved things around in the house

And then…..as if out of the darkness, I saw a second entity. This was something I had not expected. I saw it scoot back and forth on the landing at the top of the stairs. This entity was different than Ralf. It had not “lived”. It was something that had been feeding off of the good energy of those alive and dead, living within the walls of this house. It was a prankster; a being that laughed at other people’s mishaps. He made mishaps happen on a regular basis. He pulled the dog’s tail, he poked at the boys backs and he moved things around in the house. This was the worst kind of entity and what was the underlying cause of this family having to move out of the house. I was shocked to see this entity.

Ghost Story 2

I quickly went into action and vanquished this entity. He didn’t want to leave either but with these types of entities, there is no question about sending them back to the universal source where they came from and where they belong. He couldn’t be allowed to pull this family apart any longer.

With that done, my client and I went through her house again – all three floors – and performed a sage smudge for cleansing and purifying. It was when we got upstairs into her bedroom that we noticed her little dog had jumped up on the bed and was stretched out and rubbing/rolling around on the bed, on his back and then on his tummy and on his back again. He was clearly asking for tummy rubs and cuddles. My client told me that her dog had not displayed this behaviour in months and she was so pleased to see how relaxed her precious little dog had instantly become. The entity was gone!

Ghost Story 6

And the moral of this story is:

–  99% of all entities don’t mean any harm. They are waiting for someone to come and rescue them or they are confused and don’t know that they need to look for the light.

–  They don’t mean to cause any fear or harm, but they do simply because of their presence.

–  Just because we can find a way to live with these harmless Spirits, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something underlying that needs to be vanquished.

–  1% of all entities that are truly scary and truly don’t belong here among the living, need to go back to God’s light for transformation. That’s where I come in.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You are not crazy and you will not be judged. Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.