The Case of the Haunted Workplace


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Can your workplace be haunted by Ghosts and Entities?  How do they get there?  Why is a workplace a great place for Ghosts to hang-out?  What do leaky pipes have to do with Ghosts and Entities?  Why do people suddenly feel lethargic the moment they walk into their workplace?  Is there any hope that this can change?  Let’s explore the answers through this Case Study.




Can Ghosts or Entities cause Toilets to leak?

In case you thought otherwise, Ghosts can show up at your workplace!  Disturbing reports had been coming in from employees at a manufacturing plant.  Some were seeing shadows in the corners and others were being touched and poked while at their workstations.  A few who work in the main production area had seen a full-blown apparition.  General complaints by employees included feeling heavy and unmotivated.  There were countless water issues from leaking pipes and toilets to exceedingly heavy condensation on their fresh water intake systems.


Do CEOs believe in Ghosts?


I was approached by the owners of the plant.  As they carefully explained the situation all I could think of was what great leaders they were for wanting to do something – anything – about the happenings in their workplace.  I’m quite sure this was a step outside of their normal, day-to-day operations and I was impressed with the fact that they wanted to ensure a company-wide, healthy work environment.

From hearing their initial information, I was convinced that they had at least one Ghost and lots of stored up Negative Energy.  I was asked to speak out loud while interacting with the Ghost and someone would take notes while I was speaking.  This is not my usual method of working because I go into a Meditative State and slight noises can trigger me out of it, instantly.  However, because I knew and trusted the people present, I agreed.  We had an amazing session and even I was surprised by the findings.


Did we hire YOU?  Are you on the payroll?

As with any Clearing I undertake, I took a tour of the plant and felt the energy.  There were pockets of unwanted energy in almost every area, upstairs and down.  It was particularly dense in the washrooms, the fresh water intake system room and the main production area.  The board room had very heavy energy.  I’m not surprised.  Tough problems, critical decisions and financial issues are hammered at and hashed out in boardrooms.  I always find large pockets of negative energy there.

Below are the typed notes and my findings from our session.  Comments in [brackets] are mine to help with clarity:


First Ghost:

  • Rough and Ready young man who looks older than he really is
  • Ragged clothes; not clean
  • Looks like a street person
  • Died in 1989 – about 38 years old
  • He may have been drunk
  • He calls himself Bobby.  Full name is Thomas Robert
  • This was a place where homeless people would come to drink and do drugs.  There were lots of Addicts here and the police never came by
  • People over-dosed here.  He never touched that “shit”
  • He drank Whiskey
  • It [his death] wasn’t here in this building but move over by the shopping mall
  • He likes to hang out by the reception desk
  • He was coughing and choking a lot.  He got pneumonia in the last stages and was really sick
  • He didn’t go to the light because he’s always drunk.  He stumbles and falls so he never makes it to the light
  • He says he’s ready to go to the Light now
  • He’s having a hard time walking so I’m telling him that I will help him to the Light
  • He’s got his hand on my Right arm
  • He wants to know why he’s going to the Light
  • I told him that there was nothing but Love on the other side
  • He says that no one loved him in this life
  • His Mother died when he was quite young
  • He started sneaking drinks when he was about 14 or 16
  • He sees his Mother [in the light].  Mom has come to get him
  • He’s going into the Light now.
  • He can walk now and stand up straight.  He’s with his Mom now.


Second Ghost:

  • Male – turn of the century clothing
  • He seems quite illiterate
  • He died in 1913 – 1916
  • He was a forestry worker (Showing me a saw that 2 people use)
  • He says his name is Gus
  • A tree fell on his back and broke his legs
  • He was distracted – it may have also hit his head
  • Can’t show himself fully
  • He has no real memory – everything is fuzzy
  • His pants have a button and straps
  • Open collared shirt
  • Boots tied up – he was a logger
  • He says he wasn’t married but liked the women
  • He was about 17 years old
  • He didn’t go to the light because he didn’t know he was dead
  • He wants to go to the Light now.  His Brother is meeting him
  • They were quite a pair together
  • He’s so happy to see his brother.   – He’s in the light now.



Third Entity:

  • Henry is his name
  • He’s very illusive – fast, slippery and hiding
  • He has been around the reception area and upstairs
  • He is an entity [a created being]
  • I placed White Light around him to contain him and stop him from moving
  • He bothers the receptionist
  • He pokes at her, in the shoulder and back
  • He comes through the water – he was not created in this warehouse
  • Water helps him stay energized and move quickly to other places around the building
  • He has been vanquished to the Creator for transformation
  • Henry was fed by the negative energy in one person’s office
  • The negative energy in that office has an imprint left behind:  [I saw] Fists clenched, [and heard] “they just have to do it my way” repeatedly
  • [The person who used to occupy that office was very ego centred and controlling.  Strong emotions left a large and heavy pocket of negative energy behind]


Forth Imprint:

[There was a terrible accident across the street from the plant, several years prior.  An explosion took place and a man caught on fire because of it.  Apparently he ran across the street to the parking lot of the plant where he finally perished, in agony.]

  • There is an Imprint (or a memory) of the burning because the emotions of the event were so strong
  • There is no Ghost there, just the imprint
  • The Imprint was cleared
  • I blessed the land, tress and grass with White Light and Green Light for healing, where the burning happened



Fifth Ghosts:

  • Olga – the lady in the white coat
  • She was an engineer but not a credentialed one
  • She had an aptitude for engineering
  • She’s the one who took the screws out of the sensors [Apparently some of the screws had been removed from sensors on large vats]
  • She died when she was 28 years old, in 1942
  • Died of cancer due to a chemical spill
  • She died very quickly and was surprised by her death
  • That’s why she didn’t cross over
  • She was young and had lots of things to do
  • She was allowed to work because the men were off to war
  • She followed the smell of the chemicals and came here [to this plant]
  • She doesn’t remember how she got here
  • She came in on a box that had equipment in it
  • When she was alive, she came to Toronto from Detroit
  • She is Ukrainian and speaks Russian and German
  • She doesn’t go into the Light because the Light always comes between shifts so she didn’t go
  • She continues to work
  • Olga is a hard worker
  • She went into the Light and was met by a couple of girlfriends or maybe sisters [it was unclear]
  • She is very happy to be going into the Light
  • As she’s going in, she’s speaking Russian



Where did Fun and Participation go?

Our final walk-through began after the clearing was completed.  We re-visited all the spots that didn’t “feel” good the first time, to ensure the energy had been cleared up.  The feeling in the boardroom was significant.  It actually looked brighter in that room (that had no windows) and it even smelled better.  The air felt much lighter.


There was a remarkable difference with the fresh water intake system.  Almost all of the condensation was dried up.  The small droplets that remained would have been something expected from cold pipes, in a warm room.


Olga’s accounts of coming to the plant on a crate, were confirmed.  One of the managers recalled when the large crate arrived from Toronto.  When the crate was opened the odor of cleaning chemicals was notably strong.


It was noted that some crucial information had been “fudged” prior to the clearing.  That situation has now been dealt with effectively.


Although none of the employees reported feeling differently, there had been a noticeable change in attitudes.  The company had planned a party and everyone participated (something unusual for this team).  Apparently, everyone had fun and everyone participated – again unusual. Everyone helped with set-up and clean-up which, according to management, was amazing. And the final feedback, about 1 month later, was that attitudes continue to improve.



  • Workplaces, office buildings and warehouses are great places for Ghosts to hang-out because they are often quiet and dark at night.  The Ghosts can roam free, undisturbed
  • Walking through a mass of negative energy on a daily basis, affects us.  We always feel better when we are able to stand in our own energy.  Clearing pockets of Negative Energy is important
  • Pockets of Negative Energy can cloud our sight and vision.  Finding the “fudged” information was critical.  Clearing the pockets of Negative Energy made it possible to quickly identify these oversights
  • Water is a huge conductor of electricity – something that Ghosts and Entities need in order to get stronger.  Henry, the Entity, used the water issues to go back the forth between different work sites
  • An Imprint is like a memory.  These are left behind when something suddenly happens or there are strong emotions that fuel the incident, right in that moment.  When I see an imprint it’s like seeing a small piece of a story, playing over and over again like a loop.
  • Entities are hard to clear.  They need to be handled differently because they are not the soul of a person, like a Ghost.  They are created by strong emotion.  They also need to go to the light for transformation into positive energy.
  • No one in a workplace is immune to the effects of Ghosts, Entities and Negative Energy including owners, executives and managers.  We have excellent results with the employees mentioned in this post but the falsified information was not found by management sooner because they were also under the influence of the negative energy.


Acknowledgements:  Many Thanks goes out to Bonnie who took such careful and detailed notes, during this Ghost Rescue.

If you suspect there is a Ghost in your Workplace, CONTACT ME today.









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