Wow what a Gift

“I am so grateful for this clearing done on my parent’s house in Mexico!  It was really touching and brought me so many emotions. THANKS AGAIN!  I am feeling so grateful!  I am glad all these ghosts and entities went back to the light. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks … Today I was making a video call with my parents and they looked so alive.  Seeing my dad with so much light in his face and happy, made my DAY!!!! Thanks, thanks.  That is what I was looking for, for them!! Peace and they are full of love!!  .. Wow what a gift from God, life or universe putting YOU in this journey.”  ~ B. J. Lara

She cares about what she does

“I wanted to do a house clearing and get whatever negative energy, entity, or ghost out of my newly constructed apartment and building. I felt nothing I was doing, or previous people I spoke to, were helpful.  The session exceeded my expectations. Dr. Gibson, is very knowledgeable, passionate and genuine in her work. You can tell she isn’t just in it to take your money, she cares, and she listens. She does not make money off of your fear, she does her best to change your situation for the better.

Overall, Jayne was very understanding and informative of the entire process. I am thrilled to have met Dr. Gibson who has a doctorate in metaphysics, and a degree in psychology; it shows she cares about what she does.  I felt she was the most genuine person I reached out to, and was really concerned about what was going on. She asked a lot of questions before even mentioning a price tag, and many others did not do that.

I am very satisfied with the value of her service, kind words and understanding, and I am happy I did a house clearing with her.  All of my house clearings (God-willingly) will be with Jayne, I even told my family members about her phenomenal work.  Dr. Gibson did a wonderful job of making sure all my concerns were addressed”.  ~ Jessica J. (New Jersey)

It was the Drunk Ghost

Plant Owner:  “The first thing I noticed is when I walked into the office, the smell was gone.  Building energy felt very light. It felt good.  The end of the building where you felt the energy is where my office is.  There was a heavy energy there before, and we thought it was attaching to me, and slowly growing stronger.  I think it was the drunk ghost.  I felt his alcoholism energy big time, so much that it was affecting me even at home.  So the biggest notice I felt was on my own energy in the building.  The heavy feeling is cleared out.  Thank you very much. I feel so much better.  I feel the light again.”

Employee:  “The staff make comments a lot about feeling the changes.  The smell in the office is gone. Many employees comment on how clean the office smells now.  People say they feel better and can breathe better.  Many people express gratitude to me now for the work I do. Never heard that before!  Employees express how they love working for the owner, more frequently.  One employee said, “Feels easier around here.  Like you’re not working against something”.  I had an area of the plant I did not like to be in, or enter. I went there yesterday and, no problem.  The dark energy is gone.  I also felt I had to watch my footing on the stairs so I didn’t trip.  I’m usually carrying something up and down the stairs. That feeling is completely gone.”   ~ Cindy F.

Value was Extraordinary and Priceless

“My original intention was to seek professional assistance in eliminating the nasty ghost(s) that were haunting me.  My initial session far exceeded my expectations.  I was most impressed with the very lengthy time we discussed my issue.  She also viewed my home.  I had the distinct feeling that Jayne would see me through the entire process — and she did!  I will also mention that I am in South Carolina, and Jayne is in Canada, and it made ABSOLUTELY no difference in the results she was able to achieve! 

My clearing sessions also exceeded my expectations — I had multiple ghosts, and an entity, and Jayne very patiently tracked down and eliminated every one, plus those hanging around outside my home. 

The information Jayne provided was enlightening, informative, personal, and oh-so-helpful.  In her wonderful manner, she provided very precise details about my visitors.

I was blessed to discover Jayne and her service, and I cannot say enough about how well she handled my “problems,” and how much she helped me during the process.  She was unfailingly reachable and responsive, and never failed to make me smile when I had little smile in me.  Throughout the process, she brought me peace, comfort, and a wealth of knowledge. Jayne gave me back my life, and I will be eternally grateful.

The value to me was extraordinary and priceless — and I definitely received much more from Jayne than I gave her!   I would recommend Jayne in a FLASH to anyone who might need her services.  She was absolutely perfect!  Her talents and knowledge are extraordinary, and her caring, helpful, and friendly demeanor are unmatched.  I will be in touch, instantly, if I ever need her again.  She is an incredible resource!”   ~ Joan P (USA)

Cleaner, fresh and Light smelling

“I needed help finding out what was scaring my grandson. The information Jayne sent after the clearing was truly amazing, and sad.  It helped us put into perspective what was going on in our home.  Jayne was very thorough, friendly and professional. I was very happy and satisfied with the outcome.  It was well worth the money!!  The house was so much cleaner and fresh and light smelling.  Jayne truly has a gift. Now I have peace of mind.  If I have any future trouble, I have someone to go to.  Thank you so much again for everything”.  ~ C.J. Wright (USA)

Business has improved and interest risen significantly!

“There was a weird and uncomfortable energy in my workplace that made it hard to run a successful business.  I wanted to meet someone who could properly identify and clear the negative energies lingering in my work place.

Jayne was very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough.  She was able to make me feel comfortable with what was happening and she explained everything.  Jayne took her time to make sure that the space was indeed cleared, and to ensure the issues we were having would not return.

The clearing worked wonders!  We’re getting loads of people coming in who claim they walk by here every day and never noticed us until now. So amazing! The store is busier, we are getting more interest from vendors, and people are staying in the store longer. Even the building owner said that the “creepy rooms” feel “far less creepy”.”  ~ Sarah K.

I trust that you deliver

“When my previous clearing didn’t work, I did more research online and came across you. After reading your testimonies and stories, I knew you were the right one for the job!

Since moving in 3 years ago, I have noticed random things happening.  I have even talked to previous owners who also noticed things happening.  While I was renovating, there was a big increase in activity.  I had been hearing lots of “bumps” in the night as well as seeing things fall off shelves, and walls. My dog often stared at the wall and shook as though she was scared. She avoided certain areas of the house. I also had a sense of someone being there when I don’t see anyone.  I was constantly woken up in the night by noises or something nudging me.

The session exceeded my expectations!  I liked the consultation before the clearing.  My previous energy clearing session did not have one.  I love that you took your time listening to what I had to say and actually took a look around my house so you were able to feel what I was feeling.

I feel like you brought a sense of calmness to the clearing. As you know, I was very apprehensive for this process, but during our call, I felt way more relaxed than I thought I would.  I love that you threw in an energy clearing for my son and I, and even for my sister!

Thank you!! You are truly gifted.  I have already been telling everyone I know. I trust that you deliver what you say you are going to do. And I love that you aren’t just clearing energy, you are reuniting loved ones and that is amazing.  I will definitely use your services in the future.”  ~ B. J. (USA)

6 Month Follow-Up

Just wanted to write and tell you that so far we are still not experiencing anything of the paranormal since your Ghost Rescue.  It’s been a while now and everything is pretty much…  normal 🙂

We are happy that you used our experiences as an example on your site.  I hope it helps someone reach out to you.  It’s amazing what you did for us and it is greatly appreciated.  It blows my mind that you can do that from so far away.  It’s truly a special gift 🙂   ~ Matt (USA)

But Wow!

Amazing information you’ve gathered from my house clearing. I felt an immediate difference in the apartment.  I even slept well.  BUT WOW!  Such a difference I’ve felt personally, and yes I’ve have very pleasant interactions with my neighbors and just everyone in general. I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long time. My family and friends have complimented my mood change.  THANK YOU JAYNE!!  ~ M.Brown

No More Bad Dreams

“We were looking for someone who would be able to clear and seal the house.  We were concerned that spirits with ill intent would be harmful to our daughter.  We had a feeling of being ill at ease in our own home and we were having bad dreams.  The session exceeded my expectations.  The walk through of the house during the consultation was very helpful.

Once I opened the front door and stepped in, the house felt warm.  The house has felt cold even when turning up the heat.  I went down to the pantry and it felt much warmer in there, as well.  Usually when I go in there for more than a minute, I would feel a cold tingle that would go down my back.  This time it was not there, and I stayed in the pantry for a couple of minutes.  The whole house just feels quiet, which is nice.  It was a light, pleasant night.  No bad dreams.  The entire house now feels different, it is like the feeling you get after you utter a big sigh and you are re-balanced.” ~ H.A. – (Washington State)

A Huge change in our Lives

“I haven’t slept properly for the past couple of years.  Our house always felt dark and uneasy – as if someone was watching us.  I did my research online and saw some good reviews about Jayne.  I am happy I did because she is amazing and really spent the time with us to explain everything.

Jayne is very knowledgeable and intuitive. She is one of a kind and amazing! She gets to know you first on a personal level and gets you involved through the whole process so you know exactly what is going on. Her work is honestly amazing.  I noticed a huge change in our lives after she came to our house. She helped the spirits that were trapped, move to the light and helped us to not be frightened by them. Jayne explained everything in detail and truly has an amazing gift. We can finally sleep peacefully at night and the place feels so bright. She definitely brought the light into our house. Jayne follows up with you to make sure everything is still going well after her work. I will continue to follow up with her, just to keep her in our lives. She is truly amazing and I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through something like this.”    ~ Jaz D.

Bad smell is gone!

“Had our second peaceful sleep last night.  My wife notices a big difference in the feeling of the home she was sceptical but when she came home she instantly felt the difference as well.  I had a few other people comment saying it felt different in the house since they been there last.  There was a real must and bad smell, we thought it was from the previous owner being older and living there but after your clearing it’s gone completely we can’t believe it.  It was quite the traumatic experience for us, I think I’m a little paranoid from going through this, every creak and crack puts me on edge but the house is over 30 years old that’s what they do.  But the important thing is I don’t sense that energy and get goosebumps anymore.  I was home alone for 5 hours yesterday and didn’t feel anything.  The icy cold spot at the bottom of the stairs is gone also.  Thank you so much, you have an incredible gift I’m glad i was able to come in contact with you.”

Long-Distance Energy Clearing

“I wasn’t sure how a long-distance Energy Clearing would be but I was willing to try anything.  I had a much better day yesterday and I slept well.  All in all the whole house is much lighter and brighter after the house clearing.  I had lots of extra energy too.  I went down to “the bedroom” today and all that oppressive energy is gone!  Thank you so much for doing the clearing.  I feel like I got my house back.  My house has not felt like this in a long time.”    ~ S.H. Jackson

 No more Issues

“I felt as though there were spirits in my house.  Since your clearing, things seem to be settled around here, for sure!!  I have had no more issues, and the kids are sleeping well.  My session definitely met my expectations!   It helped me feel comfortable in my own home, again.

Thank you for everything Jayne!!  I will absolutely recommend you to anyone in the future! You have a special gift.”    ~ Camille

Invaluable Investment!

“Invaluable investment! The session went above my expectations.  You cannot put a price on having comfort in your own home. We must not let money stand in the way!  Not only did I receive a clearing but an invaluable discussion on various spiritual principles. The cherry on top is that souls get to go ‘home’ and that is a beautiful thing.

Jayne, you are a beautiful light in this world.  You have made our home so comfortable and have sent souls to the light so they can move on to their next purpose.  Love and Light!!”    ~ Deana D.

Happy Dog – Totally Worth it!

“My concern over my dog being frightened and hiding in the bathrooms shaking, over the past 4 months, was the reason why I spoke with you.  When we spoke, I realized how many sleepless nights I was experiencing.  You suggested that there might be an entity poking at my sweet dog; and obviously there was.

It was the best money I could have spent.  The session more than met my expectations.  As a hypnotherapist doing Past Life Regressions, I am very familiar with taking people to the light. It was so beautiful to listen to you reuniting Spirits with their loved ones.  It was very respectful and comforting.  Just that, was so entirely worth it.  To feel the energy change in our home and feel the lightness of it, was truly amazing let alone the dog calmed down and actually slept in the hallway. Since having our place cleared, the dog has not hidden in any of the bathrooms.

Jayne, you had a way of making me feel very comfortable.  Just that peace of mind is so important. When my dog settled down and became herself again….that was worth it.  I only woke up once through the night and that was fantastic for me.  I would highly recommend your services. “

~ Bonnie Toth – Art of Healing – Mind, Body, Spirit   www.bonnietoth.com

We have a new Lease on Life!

“Strange things were happening in our home….stuff going missing, doors slamming and our pets were scared and becoming aggressive.  My Partner was experiencing some bruising on his ankles. We needed help!

Great value for the money.  I couldn’t put a price on it if I tried. We have a happy home, happy pets and my partner feels 100% better now. The value was perfectly fitting as Jayne went over and above to help us including additional work from her home to finish up the clearing. She’s always there for questions so she deserves to be rewarded for her use of time.

Jayne is a very heartwarming, nice lady who takes pride in satisfying her customers. She does everything she says she can do, and will put you at ease.  She with always give a full explanation of what she is going to be doing.

Jayne, I am so glad we found you. You have given us a new lease on life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.”               ~ Linda K.

 I’m so Glad I selected You!

“If I ever find myself mired with negative energy & entities again, you can bet you’ll be getting a call from me! The testimonials I read on your site really helped me in making my decision to select you and I’m pleased to say that I’m so glad I did!!  I put my complete trust in you and you didn’t let me down.  Aside from being a professional, you genuinely cared about what was happening and how it was affecting me; that meant a great deal to me.

When you removed the negativity, old heart aches, and instilled unconditional love and joy, I could definitely feel the difference! I felt light as a feather.  I’m so very grateful for everything you did for me and the feedback that you gave me. And I really appreciated that you kept me in the loop in what you were finding. That helped to ease my mind a lot. I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you did!!!” ~ A. Evans

 Immediate change in Atmosphere

“I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me at our new house!  Your reviews spoke for themselves so it was an easy decision to reach out.  I was curious to see if you were ‘too good to be true’.  As it turns out, you are both good and true!  The session exceeded my expectations, from our original consultation to the actual clearing session. The value was excellent.  You can’t put a price on piece of mind.

I felt a change in atmosphere immediately: from uneasy (even looming, perhaps), to soothing and calm.  I look forward to spending many years in our newly invigorated home.  Thank you!” ~ Lindsay R.

 The place is feeling Lighter!

“The session was everything I think we both thought it would be.  It made me feel better and I feel the place is feeling lighter.  I enjoyed our time together and we would recommend your services to others.” ~B.E.

It worked!  The house is calmer and fresher

Strange things were happening in my house like objects being misplaced, shadows, noises, visions, electrical disturbances and air flow issues.  Being especially sensitive to energy or vibes in houses, I always felt like my house was cold and unfriendly.  I called on Jayne for a House Clearing and Ghost Rescue.  Jayne started with a thorough introduction followed by the “ghost rescue” and finally she provided a full explanation of what had been going on in the house.

The value I received for my investment was very good.  It worked!  The house is calmer and fresher and I am now peacefully sleeping through the night.  A big thank you to Jayne for giving me my home back.  ~G.I.~

An Energy Shift has happened

“I am so thankful that you came by. I really feel so much better. It truly feels like a shift has happened. We had a very pleasant and calm evening. Of all my family members, I think I might have been the most affected – my outlook feels very different.”  G.P.

For the first time in months, the kids fell asleep without anxiety

“I wanted to say that for the first time in months both my kids went to bed and stayed in bed and fell asleep without pestering us and without anxiety. Such a relief.” ~ Christa J.

We have all been sleeping better and the house is more peaceful

“In the last two years, since moving in, we have noticed activities happening in the house that can’t be explained. I often hear noises and sounds when no one is home, the sounds of doors closing and someone running up my stairs. My roommate has experienced resistance on the doorknobs when trying to open the basement door, as well as sleep paralysis and weird noises during the night in the basement.  I didn’t know quite what to expect from a House Clearing/Ghost Busting session, I just knew that I wanted a more peaceful home to live in.

The experience was a positive one and my investment was totally worth it.  Jayne gave me a generous amount of personal input during my session and I found the information fascinating.  It really made sense with what we had been feeling in the house.  The most valuable thing for me is that we have all been sleeping better and the house is more peaceful. We are more at ease and I’m happy to know our Ghost is finally at rest.”

~ J. Fabro

I was a little skeptical, unsure if I would really feel or notice a difference but I most certainly have

“About 4 years ago my 7 year old daughter had seen/felt a spiritual presence around her and in our house.  This has continued into our new home but now she is very frightened by her visions and her vivid scary dreams.  No one else could see or sense the things she spoke of but I trusted her that something was wrong and looked to Jayne for help.

Our new house needed several major renovations.  It’s been a very stressful and negative experience.  I really wanted the negative energy to be removed so we could all start fresh in our new home.

This was a very emotional time for me.  I felt Jayne really took the time to understand my situation and made me feel very comfortable, while talking about things that others may consider “weird” or “strange”.  Jayne gave me very useful, valuable tools to help my daughter cope with what she is experiencing.  It was lovely to have Jayne around our home.  She made my husband and I feel safe and free from judgement.

Jayne, the impact you and your work have had on my daughter and the overall feeling in my house is unbelievable.  I was a little skeptical, unsure if I would really feel or notice a difference but I most certainly have and I can tell you that you have a wonderful gift. We all now have comfort and peace of mind living in or new home.  Our family is forever grateful for what you have been able to do for our daughter and ourselves.”

~ J.D.

It felt good to discuss my concerns and receive an explanation for what was happening in my house.

“Knowing that spaces can be cleared of Negative Energy, I booked a House Clearing to find out if there were unhappy energies or spirits in our house. For several years, something had been going on in the basement. We didn’t even want to sleep down there.  Over the years we have booked appointments for repairs to be done in the basement, but no one ever shows up to actually fix things.

From the time that Jayne arrived, all my pets instantly loved her. I took that as a good sign. It felt good to discuss my concerns and receive an explanation for what was happening in my house. The Negative Energy has now been cleared from the basement! Jayne provided a professional service. The value I received was totally worth my investment. I have already recommended her services to others”.

~ Janice B ~

I would like to take a moment to honor and thank Dr. Jayne Gibson for her love and assistance

“I would like to take a moment to honor and thank Dr. Jayne Gibson for her love and assistance to me! Jayne, the kindness of heart that you showed and your loving guidance has made a huge impact on me. Thank you for being the gift and the love that you are! If anyone of you on this forum appreciates a loving soul, you will certainly know that soul in Jayne. Thank you again for who you are!”

Much love,
Dr. Lisa J.

The house clearing achieved our goal of removing the entity in a safe and supportive environment. The ghost has not come back since.

“I knew I needed a House Clearing when I found out there was an entity (ghost) visiting my bedroom. It created a strong odor while I was folding laundry or opening the closet doors. I reached out to Dr. Jayne Gibson to get this entity cleared. The length of the session was good as well as the information Jayne gave, during and after the session. The house clearing achieved our goal of removing the entity in a safe and supportive environment. The ghost has not come back since. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jayne’s services.”

~ Walter

 My expectations and hopes were exceeded.

“My intention to contact Jayne was to set peace and harmony for my family, in my new home in Alberta. She has helped me with many different entities in my home, from a different province; I didn’t think it was possible!

“My expectations and hopes were exceeded. The clearing was done in a timely manner with no disruption to my household. Everything was explained to me prior to the clearing. Jayne shared an abundance of information about the spirits who were in my home. She knew where they came from, how they came in and how they felt. They shared openly with her.

Jayne is gifted in communicating with spirits and she does it with empathy and compassion. I felt completely comfortable and safe during this process. She conducted herself professionally and was true to her word from the beginning. She followed through from start to finish and then some!

She is impeccable at what she does and I am so pleased that I called her to help! I will contact her again if another spirit comes in. I am truly grateful for Jayne’s services.”

~ Kathleen V.~

I had exhausted all other avenues and was feeling at a loss.

“I called upon Rev. Dr. Jayne when one of the members of our beloved equine therapy team, Romeo, became increasingly unsettled; displaying inexplicable on-going bouts of fearful and agitated behaviour. I had exhausted all other avenues and was feeling at a loss. Jayne performed Theta Healing and I was actually able to witness the changes taking place in real time, by way of Romeo’s behaviour, during the session. He has been much more settled ever since.

Thank you Rev. Dr. Jayne!”

~ Krista Brown ~  Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats, Langley, BC  www.wisteriaacres.com

Definitely worth the value! You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home.

“After the move into this new place, my boyfriend had a spiritual encounter and I always felt uptight and nervous, especially when alone. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a house clearing but I am a very spiritual person and I knew they were available.

“The session was good and in depth! First, Jayne discussed everything and identified our worries, validated our concerns, and then went into the clearing process. It was definitely worth the value! You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home. Thank you so much Jayne for helping us to feel comfortable and secure in our new home! You are a healer in the physical and spiritual world”.

~ C. Granger ~

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