Spirits are Haunting My Baby

A particularly gifted child…

Baby CribThe concerning request came in via Private Message on Face Book. My friend and her family were in trouble with a ghost and needed my help. There was no doubt that an entity had invaded their house, but why? Once I connected energetically, it became very clear to me. Their baby daughter is gifted spiritually, and because of her pure loving energy, she was attracting these entities to her and the whole family was being haunted by them. It was my privilege to do long-distance clearing for them. In my friend’s own words; this is her story:

“My family and I were experiencing sure signs of spirits in our home especially revolving around our baby. Within the first 5 months of living in our new home, we had many different entities with distinctive, strong and unique energies. The first one was very aggressive towards me especially, and after a few weeks I found myself in pure fear. He would make his presence known audibly and physically…..slam the kitchen cabinets, turn off fans, shake pictures, our baby’s room was freezing, my ankles were rubbed from under her crib, etc. I have known Jayne and her amazing abilities for years and finally reached out for some help. She came into my home that evening from a distance (I recently moved to Alberta). My husband and I felt a difference that night. There was a sense of ease and calm. Our baby slept the entire night. What else can I say?!

A month later we had another spirit come in who seemed very playful. My daughter seemed to have fun and enjoyed her “friend”. I became concerned with the lack of sleep my baby was getting and heard weird sounds and noises over the baby monitor. The TV began turning off and on, the toilet seat went up and down and pictures were shaking on the wall. I contacted Jayne within a few days of this. She cleared the little boy spirit and helped him get to his mother who was waiting for him on the other side. Jayne not only helped this little guy back to his mother but she made my home peaceful, yet again.

We have had a few more experiences since; Jayne cleared our home as well as put a protection on the windows and entrances. She truly has a gift! She explained to me the gift my daughter has and her relationship with the other side. Thank you, Jayne!”

Reflection Notes:

  • Babies often attract entities because they have such pure energy.
  • Babies and small children are able to see ghosts and spirits because they have not yet been told that they can’t. Because they are new human beings and recently born, they are closer to the “other side” than us who have lived a few years longer than they have. This fact not only helps them to see ghosts and entities but also to see their Spiritual Guides and protective Angels.
  • My friend’s baby is particularly gifted in this way, as is her grandmother and her mother
  • I’m so grateful that this child has the incredible mom that she does because I know that my friend will encourage her spirituality that has already begun
  • This work is so rewarding and it fills my heart to assist in helping a spirit cross-over. It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You are not crazy and you will not be judged. Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.