Someone’s in the Kitchen with Marisa!

Yesterday’s Ghost Busting session carried on, into today! This is what happened.

Marisa Trash CanA friend of mine got in touch saying that her sensor trash can lid kept opening and closing, all by itself. This had been going on for a couple of days.

Naturally they checked the sensor and the trash can lid. They also checked the batteries to ensure that they still had power. Each time it happened, they went into the kitchen to see what was going on. Their pets were nowhere to be seen and there was no one there. Still, the trash can lid kept going up and down, seemingly at will.

Maid 1900s 2

Surprised by her own death

I connected psychically and entered my friend’s kitchen. To my surprise, I found the ghost of a housemaid. She was a young black woman, dressed in a white cap and white apron over-top of a plane black dress. This attire was much like the clothing of a housemaid worn in the early 1900’s.

I began to talk with her. She told me her name was Marisa and that she had never seen anything like this type of trash can. She was astonished! That’s why she kept opening it. I asked her when she died but unfortunately she was quite confused about where she was and why she was there so I didn’t get very much information from her. I asked her how she died and was told that she had suffered a blow to the head and showed me her own blood, dripping down her own arms. She still seemed surprised by her own death.

Maid Marisa Box

I asked her how she got to my friend’s kitchen. She showed me a large box. Because of her confused state, it was difficult to clarify other details about the box. However, I also asked her why she had come to my friend’s kitchen. She was very clear that she had been “told” to come there.

I showed her the light and asked if she had ever seen it before. She had but because of her confusion, she didn’t know that she was supposed to go into it. She went easily and was greeted by her friends; other housemaids who gave her an amazingly warm and joyous welcome.

 He died of TuberculosisMarisa and Ralf

Today, I got another message from my friend saying that the trash can lid was going up and down again, at will. Again, I psychically connected only to find a small seven year old male child named Ralf. I asked Ralf why he was there and what happened to him. He told me that he died of Tuberculosis while he was under the care of Marisa. He was raised by Marisa so he loved her and wanted to stay with her. She was killed at the same time that he died so, as souls, they decided to stick together. He couldn’t find her today and he was afraid.

I explained what happened to Marisa and asked him to go into the light. As soon as he saw the light, he also saw Marisa’s open arms, waiting to greet him. Willingly he went to her and my last glimpse of them was that they were still in a loving embrace.

Marisa - light

Reflection Notes:

  • This “ghost busting” work is so fulfilling. I really love doing it.  I see Rescuing a Spirit in the same light as rescuing a beautiful dog or cat from the shelter. It fills my heart.
  • My friend confirmed that they just bought a new dishwasher 2 weeks prior and it came in a large box.
  • When Marisa was struck on the back of her head, she sustained a brain injury as well as a physical injury that killed her immediately. That’s why she was so confused.
  • Spirit Guides and departed Loved Ones from the other side will often help to direct a Ghost to a certain location so that they can get help to cross over. My friend is a beautiful and spiritual woman so they would know that it was safe to send a Ghost in her direction.
  • Entities can attach themselves to objects and as the object is moved around in our physical world, they follow the object.  Through no fault of your own, you can bring these objects into your home.  That’s when clearing needs to be done.
  • Because entities are energy beings, they can learn to manipulate other forms of energy and cause objects to move.
  • Love never dies. When we cross over, it’s all we ever feel. We are out of pain; both physically and emotionally.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You are not crazy and you will not be judged. Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.






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