Shot with a Gun




A couple moved into their new condo on the first day of a month.  Then they

attended their first AGM on the second day of the same month, greeted by the

property manager who had more than just spare keys.  She asked if they had

been “told” about what happened!  Of course, curiosity got the better of them.

It was then explained that the last owner committed suicide





After living there for a couple of weeks, they started noticing the occasional cold air drafts, strange noises and even their little dog would stare off into the corners, but nothing was there.  Research of the incident told them these things:


–  The late owner’s spouse was in the kitchen when she shot herself

–  She was the only person on the land title

–  Her death may have been related to mental illness



We made arrangements to meet.  Once in their house I could feel the negative energy in the area where it happened.  I went into my meditative state and came face-to-face with the Ghost of the past owner.


She was depressed


She told me that her suicide was actually an accident.  She had been planning on ending her life for a while and was thinking of ways to do it.  She was depressed, however, it was more because she felt so controlled by her spouse.  After several attempts to leave him, she bought this place but he wasn’t supposed to be there with her.  It was supposed to be her place, and hers alone.  Not knowing how to escape him, she felt her only way out was suicide.


She pulled the trigger


She saw his gun in the den.  Not knowing it was loaded she

thought this might be another option for her to consider.

Just to try it out – she pulled the trigger!



The real story


I asked her why she didn’t go into the light.  She said she wanted the new owners to know that the shooting was not her intention.  It was an accident.  She also wanted them to know it wasn’t mental illness that took her life.  It was the fact that she had been dishonoured and mistreated for so long she felt she had no other way out.  It was the mistreatment that caused her depression.  She just wanted someone else to know.  She went willingly and quietly into the light.


She was greeted by her sister with hugs and much love.







  • Mental Illness is blamed so often these days for tragedies.  It’s almost as if it’s become a catch-all for things we can’t explain.
  • I am left with more questions about this story than answers.  In this month of International Women’s Day, we still have women, in our own backyards, who feel trapped and powerless.
  • Things are not always what they seem.
  • Ghosts stick around for several reasons – this Ghost’s story is just one reason.
  • Cold air drafts for no apparent reason could be signs of Ghost activity in your house
  • Family pets are usually the first to notice Ghost activity because they see differently than we do
  • Ghosts are not scary to me.  Some people, on the other hand, are.


Is there Ghost Activity going on in your house?  Contact Me and let’s have a chat.



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