Scratches down the walls

The first sentence of the first email my client sent me posed a question that took me aback. “Are Ghosts capable of vandalism”? As you can imagine, my first thoughts were alarming and then my curiosity got the best of me. I asked for clarification.

ScratchesShe told me that since about 2007, she was seeing scratches on her walls, furniture and also on her floors. They started when scratches appeared on a bread board brought home from one of her late sister’s overseas trips. Even her new-to-her SUV (that looked brand new) was scratched and vandalized. These occurrences were so constant that it was unlikely to be a human making these marks. She had chosen to ignore them or rationalize them away because they couldn’t really be made from a ghost; could they?

She had recently moved to a new condo, (for unrelated reasons), several kilometers away and the scratching had actually started before she moved in. She describes her move as being relatively stress-free because she had help packing and unpacking. She reports that her life was generally great – a growing small business entrepreneur, surrounded by really good people and being in good health.

Unexplainable and Supernatural

The scratches subsided for a time but started happening again just before she moved to the new condo. Several times, while finishing up at her old home, she heard sounds like books falling over even though she had lived alone since her sister’s death. The scratches were appearing frequently now and she realized that she was dealing with something unexplainable and supernatural.

She got in touch with me. In her own words, “I would like the vandalism to stop and have the negative/nasty entity sent to where it should be, rather than living in my condo”.

On the way to do the Spirit Rescue I had butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t know what to expect. My imagination was running wild and I wondered if I would see huge scratches running down the walls. The thought gave me shivers. I asked my Spiritual Guides what I could expect to see and heard a voice saying very clearly, “Remember your compassion”. My compassion!! What did that mean?

Once I got to my client’s new home, I witnessed the scratches and was able to take pictures. What I noticed about them was that they were short in length but quite deep. They were on the floor and on the tiles in the back of the bath tub. I also saw some on the kitchen counter. The tiles and the counter were most disturbing because these are surfaces that are very hard and difficult to scratch.

    Scratches 4                Scratches 3                                  Scratches 2

There were also some images captured on my client’s security camera that were

clearly not specks of dust.

             Orb 1st day 2            Orb 1st day             Orb next day

This one was the most dramatic:                                                                                                      Orb 2nd day 2

A sensation of not being able to breathe

We did a tour of the condo so I could get a feel for the energy in the space. It’s interesting to note that I had a sensation of not being able to breathe or take in a deep breath and the air in the condo seemed stale and old, as if the windows had never been opened. In actual fact it was a warm day and the windows were opened when I got there so this sensation was definitely spirit coming through.

I was met by a nasty, snarling entity

I went into my meditation to do the clearing and I was met by a nasty, snarling entity with saliva hanging from its teeth. This was the angriest and most vicious ghost I had ever encountered. I usually try to talk with the ghost to get a sense of who they are and how they ended up in this situation. I also like to know how they got to my client’s house and anything else that they can tell me. This ghost was so angry that having a conversation was almost impossible needless to say I couldn’t hear his message through the growling and snarling.

Scratch his way out of this hell

At first I couldn’t figure out what this entity was because I was expecting a human spirit but then suddenly I got a clear picture. This was the ghost of a tragically abused dog who couldn’t breathe because there was a chain around his neck and a short leash that cut off his wind pipe. My heart was breaking as I tried to speak with this spirit. I was told that this poor being had lived his whole life chained up and in a small cage. He had very little to eat while he was alive and there was no shelter from the heat. He was from an African country and once he died, his spirit had attached himself to a small hand-woven basket. The basket was purchased by my client’s late sister, who brought it home; home to the old house and then it got packed in a box and brought to the new house. He told me he was trying to scratch his way out of this hell and he just wanted to be free.

It was all starting to make sense now. The message from my Spiritual Guides to remember my compassion, my inability to take a deep breath, the hot stale air in the condo, the incensed anger of this poor soul, increased occurrences of the scratches during the move and the vandalism of the SUV that likely carried the box with the hand-woven basket in it. This spirit didn’t want to be in a box (or cage) any longer. He had spent his whole life in one and certainly didn’t want to be in one now that he was in spirit form.

Scratched - caged - dog2

His body became whole and complete again

I created a pillar of light and helped my little ghost dog to trust enough to go into it. Once in the light, I saw his body become whole and complete again. I watched as he leaped in the air and was free for the first time in who knows how long. He looked back at me briefly, as if to say “finally”, and then disappeared into the light. He was finally safe, finally unchained and finally out of pain, on the other side.

Reflection Notes:

  • This is the saddest ghost story that I have encounter. The clearing happened a couple of months ago and I am only able to write about it now.
  • My client was so moved by the story that she made a considerable donation to the SPCA on behalf of our spirit dog
  • When doing this work, it’s important to put the assumptions of your personal ego aside in order to see a clear picture of what you’re dealing with
  • Even as I write this story I’m welling up with tears. Abuse of this magnitude on an innocent being is criminal
  • The Medicine (or life lesson) given to us by Dog is Loyalty.       We all need to learn to be gentle with this medicine because it’s too easy to abuse, beat and neglect this gift out of a dog, as many Pet Parents of rescue dogs know, all too well.
  • My client didn’t remember the hand-woven basket but sent an email a couple of weeks later saying that she found it in one of her boxes, as she continued to unpack and settle in
  • Ghosts can attach themselves to objects and be transported to other places as is the case with this entity
  • Trusting the Light can be difficult for Ghosts because when they are disembodied, they still have their fears, anger and physical pain that they had when they were alive. It’s only in the beautiful loving light of the other side, that they become whole and complete again.                                    decerative_line

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You are not crazy and you will not be judged. Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.