Rental Property in Metrotown – A Case Study

Empty Rental Property:


A rental property in the Metrotown area should never have been standing empty for 6 – 7 weeks.  This is not an area where houses lie empty.  My client had done everything that she could through advertising, but she only had 3 people come to look, and nobody wanted to rent this space.  It was an odd situation.  She called me to do a clearing.




The Ghost showed up again:

There had been two significant floods in the house – one from an improperly installed toilet and, the most recent, was from blocked gutters.  Water is always a conductor for energy and Ghost activity.  Some major renovations had been done to the property as well.  The bathroom had been gutted and remodeled and the flooring in the basement was in the process of being repaired.  Renovations always disturb the energy in a place and if there’s going to be activity, that’s when the Ghosts come out of the woodwork, as it were.

My client is a spiritualist and is sensitive to energy of all kinds.  She also has other friends who are energy workers.  They had been in her house a couple of weeks before me.  At one point, they felt the Ghost of the previous owner.  They asked her to leave and did a sage smudge.  They felt that she was gone, but, the following week the ghost showed up again.


This house may not be rentable:

The house was built in 1967.  My client knew that the whole area had been Native burial grounds.  There is a cemetery a few blocks away.  She happened to know the original builder and he was able to give her the names of the previous owners – George and Jane.  Her parents bought the house from George and Jane.  When her parents passed away, she inherited the house and turned it into a Rental property.

Her latest tenants all moved out at the same time, breaking their lease agreement and leaving the house in shambles.  Another psychic told my client that there was an energy portal in the house and that even though the last tenants didn’t say anything, they likely were influenced by a Ghost or Entity in the house.  My client was worried.  With all these paranormal and psychic happenings in her house, she may not be able to rent it at all.


The Clearing began:

We got started.  My client took notes.  I entered into my meditative state and began asking questions to the first Ghost.  Through all of its history, this house had never been cleared.  It was as if there were layers of energy fields to work through.  Three Ghosts, 1 Entity, and a good energy clearing, proved to have amazing results.


An Account of the Happenings:

(This session was spoken aloud and recorded by hand)


Previous Home Owner:

Me:  The Ghost’s name is Jane.  Jane is standing right in front of you {my client}.  She’s a fairly tall and slim woman, with crutches.  She has a bandage on her right foot.

“Why didn’t you go to the light?”


Jane:  My foot was sore and I couldn’t get there fast enough.  My soul was very, very fast and my body died suddenly.


Me:  “How did your body die?”  She’s showing me pills.  She may have taken too many.

“Did you have trouble with your memory?”


Jane:  Yes.  The Doctor told me it was Old Timer’s Disease {Alzheimer’s disease}.


Me:  So it was likely that she took her pills too many times because she didn’t remember that she had taken them.  “Why did your foot get amputated?”


Jane:  Something fell on my toes. My toes got amputated because they were all crushed.


Me:  It seems like a piece of furniture fell on her toes or her toes got run over somehow.

“What happened with your husband George?”


Jane:  This is my house, this is my house and he moved away.


Me:  They moved to a different house.  She was very confused in her new house.  She took too many pills and died.

Me:  “Did you get to the hospital?”  {She is showing me a picture of an ambulance}.  She died in the ambulance.  She came back to this house because that’s where she felt the most comfortable.  This is also where she saw the light but she couldn’t make the cycle because her left foot was too sore.

Me:  She is really confused because she still has the Alzheimer’s symptoms.  “Jane, you will be fine.  I will stay until you can get into the light.”  She will be instantly healed and will find George when she goes into the light.

She was greeted by George – she is healed now.  Jane has successfully made it into the light!


The Land Developer:

Me:  I found an older gentleman who was the original developer of this land. He has on a short sleeved shirt with a collar and suspenders.  He is quite elderly.

“What is your name?”  “Please speak up, I can’t hear your name”.


Robson:  Robson.  Robson is my name.


Me:  “Mr. Robson, what are you doing here?  Mr. Robson what year did you die?”


Robson:  1913.


Me:  “Why are you here in this house?”


Robson:  This is my land; my land! [pointing North]


Me:  Mr. Robson was quite elderly.  There used to be a well here, at the time.

“Did you live by yourself?”


Robson:  My wife and kids all lived in the house.  The kids were adults and had moved.  My kids tried to convince me to move out of the old house but I said no.  I had to come to the well to get water.  I tripped and fell because my foot got caught on a piece of wood {or a root}.  I scared myself and had a heart attack.


Me:  “Why didn’t you go into the light?  Have you seen the light?”


Robson:  My kids said this would happen!  I didn’t listen to the kids.  I was too stubborn to move out.  I couldn’t go to the light because I caused my own death.    I always felt that my house was good enough and I didn’t need a better one.

[He didn’t attend church but he had a strong faith.  He read his bible after dinner with the family, every night.  His faith would have told him that self-inflicted death was wrong.]


Me:  “Do you know anything about the land?”


Robson:  It was all bushland.  This was a new settlement.  I purchased a plot from the Indians.


Me:  “Is there anything else you can tell us about the land?”


Robson:  It was good farmland.  I grew crops here.  There was a barn over there [pointing east].  I had chickens.  We were self-supporting on our land.


Me:  “Are you ready to go into the light?  You will be healed?”


Robson:  What do you mean I’ll be healed?


Me:  “Your osteoporosis will be completely healed when you go into the light.  Your family will be there to greet you.”


Robson:  [He began shuffling a bit faster toward the light].  My first name is Ted!

His wife, son and daughter greeted him.  He was saying sorry [to my client] for causing upset and problems.


The Child: 


There was a child in the house.  This child was an Entity created by Jane due to her Alzheimer’s disease.  It was almost like Jane’s alter-ego because it was a reflection of her own life as a child.  Her name was Tilda.  She wore a floral dress and 2 pigtails in her hair.  She was about 4-5 years old and ran up and down through the living room and dining area.

She was vanquished and sent to the light for transformation.



First Nations Protector:

The clearing of negative energy began.  It went way back to the original land.  {My client} was feeling a cold spot very close to her.  There was another Ghost!  This time it was a First Nations fellow.  He was standing beside her, playing with her hair.  My client is blonde and he was not used to seeing this hair colour.

Me:  “What is your name?”  [He speaks a different language.  He showed me pictures to help explain his situation]


Seeking-Eye:  Seeking-Eye; that’s what you will understand.  I was the protector of my village.  I watched over the village and patrolled the area.  I was a warrior and a brave.  I made sure no wild animals or intruders were around.  I wasn’t a hunter but I carried a bow and arrow.  I was more like a security guard making sure everyone was safe.

Me:  Oh dear…there was a confrontation between his village and the Whiteman.  He was killed trying to protect his people. The Whiteman had magic sticks.  They made a big noise and there were flashes of light.  There were people dropping in pain and they died.  He didn’t cross over when he died because he felt he needed to stay and protect the village.

Me:  “Your service and duty to your people is done.  It’s OK for you to cross over now and go into the light”.  {Showed him the light}

He was greeted by the elders of his tribe in full head dress.  His family also came to greet him.  It was a happy reunion that brought tears to my eyes.


Negative Energy Clearing:

As stated, the energy in this house has never been cleared.  It was very thick in many places especially the kitchen and the bedrooms.  This is likely because of all the people and families that have lived in this space since it was built.  My work, if you can imagine, was more difficult than other houses I’ve been in simply because there were layers of negative energy.

While in my meditative state, a portal was found in the living room.  Portals, or vortexes, are becoming more and more common in my practice.  I tend to believe it’s because the Universal energies are changing and creating opportunities for portals to be created.  There were also two significant floods in the house that would attract and conduct unknown energy.  I don’t know how this one came to fruition but none the less, it needed to be closed. This was done by filling the portal with unconditional Love, watching it close and disintegrate.


The Session was fast and effective:

At the end of our session and during a debriefing session, I psychically saw a couple coming toward my client’s house, hand-in-hand.  After having this prime rental property sitting vacant for 6-7 weeks, the next morning my client received a call to show her rental space and by that evening she had a security deposit cheque, in her hand.  The couple moved in 1 week later.  That’s how fast these sessions can work.




  • Because my client is spiritual and sensitive to energy, I spoke out loud and she took all the wonderful notes, listed above.  It’s very special to work with someone in this way.  I’m grateful that she was able to assist and that she took such great care in recording the session.
  • When I speak out loud, I don’t always remember what I’ve seen or said.  Having someone take notes to record the session helps so much.
  • Renovations always disturb the energy in a house.  If your house is prone to having Ghosts, paranormal activity will show up during home renovations.
  • Get your gutters cleared before a flood happens!  There is no substitution for proper home maintenance.  Water is a conductor of energy – energy that is good, bad or indifferent.
  • Entities are hard to clear.  They need to be handled differently because they are not the soul of a person, like a Ghost.  They are created by strong emotion.  They also need to go to the light for transformation into positive energy.
  • Ghosts are often sorry for causing undue upset and/or stress to those who are living.  It would not be their intention to do so.
  • Universal Energies, refers to Super Full or New Moons, Eclipses, Mercury in Retrograde and all other cosmic energies that affect our world on a daily basis.  There is so much that we are unaware of.
  • Living with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, in your own home, has its own set of challenges.  If this has been your choice, I wish you resolve and strength but mostly I wish you Love.
  • For more information please have a look at the Alzheimer’s Society of BC website for help and support.
  • With respect and gratitude to Jane, Ted Robson and Seeking Eye for their willingness to speak with me and for their courage to cross-over.  I’m proud of you.
  • I’m honoured to have been chosen to do this work and to be the keeper of this precious gift.


If you have an un-rented property, suspect that you have negative energy or Ghosts in your house or work space, call me for a Complimentary Consultation.




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  1. Krista Brown Avatar

    Wow! So fascinating Jayne! And such an important consideration. We often put so much emphasis on the aesthetics of a home but may not consider the energies it holds. Great case study!

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thanks so much Krista. Isn’t it the truth! Before I moved into my own home, I did a clearing and had a ceremony to welcome in new energy of love, light and peace. It’s very quick and successful, as you can see with the outcome of this Case Study. The success continues. I just heard that my client has so many responses to her ad for the basement suite that she can now have the luxury of sitting back and choosing the “perfect” tenants. I’m so grateful for this gift.

  2. Toni Serofin Avatar
    Toni Serofin

    Great Blog Jayne! So glad your work is expanding!

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