Real Stories from My Files

Real Stories from My Files

Case studies and ghost stories from my work as a professional ghost rescuer

Scratches down the walls

By Jayne | July 20, 2015

My client emailed me: are ghosts capable of vandalism? She was seeing scratches on her walls, furniture and also on her floor. Learn the truth in this true story from my files.

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Marisa!

By Jayne | July 20, 2015

Another real life story from my files – investigating the mysterious trash can that opened and closed by itself. You guessed it – a spirit at work.

Spirits are Haunting My Baby

By Jayne | May 20, 2015

The whole family is being haunted by spirits that are attracted to a spiritually gifted child. The reasons why are revealed in this story.

Ghost Busting a little South-East of the Border

By Jayne | February 20, 2015

This is a very typical experience that I might encounter during a house clearing. It involves Ghosts and Entities and a happy ending.