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The phone rang and a very sweet and clear voice said “Hello.  You do house clearing right?”  I barely said yes when our conversation started.  My client had just bought a new house and she really wanted to have its energy cleared.  What a wonderful time to have your house cleared of energy, when you just buy and haven’t moved in yet!



She felt a looming sensation

As it turns out, my client is very sensitive to shifts in energy, negative energy and paranormal activities.  Although she just loves her family’s first home, she couldn’t help but feel uneasy – even looming at times.


Something went bang in the shed

As with all Ghost Rescues, the first thing I do is to go on a walk-about through the house.  The house was empty so in this case, it was easier to feel the energy of the house, without furnishing to mask it.  We also went out into their backyard and explored the garden shed all the while yacking away about Ghosts (she was so easy to talk to).  We closed the shed door and heard a Bang!   We both jumped.  I went back into the shed only to realize that a board had fallen over.  P-h-e-w-w-w.  No Ghosts in there!!


Several hot spots in the house

Back in the house, there were several hot spots; areas where I could feel a shift in energy.  The living room was especially thick with negative energy.  Apparently the original home owner spent many months lying in a hospital type bed, in the living room.  I also felt a strange energy in the centre of their home that start far below the land and up through the closet, in the middle of the house.  Because my client is a sensitive, she actually saw a flash of light in one of the bedrooms.  I had my work cut out for me.


Memories of serious Illness

The session began as I went into my meditative state.  I found, what I thought were more memories than pockets of negative energy.  These are called Imprints.  One imprint was in the living room where the previous home owner spent his time in his sick bed.  The other was on a step-up going from an add-on off the kitchen into the dining room.  Apparently this fellow tripped on the step-up, hurt his shin and became very angry.  He blamed his wife, blamed the builders and blamed everyone he could.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very nice person when he was alive and as a result he left behind negative energy that needed to be cleared.


A set of human bones

The most interesting part of this rescue was the solid piece of negative energy going through the middle of the house.  It went from far below the house’s foundation, up into the closet in the living room.  It looked like an exclamation mark!  I followed it down, deep into the ground.   I found a set of bones that appeared as though they were in the fetal position.  When I looked up, I saw the Ghost of an Aboriginal person.  I don’t know how old the land was at that time – maybe 2500 years ago.  It was heavily forested and would have been close to a settlement or village.

I spoke to the Ghost.  He told me I wouldn’t be able to pronounce his name so he didn’t tell me.  I asked him why he didn’t go into the Light.  He said he had been waiting there for someone to find his body.  It seems that he wondered into the woods, had a heart attack and died.  It didn’t occur to him that others would not be able to find him.  He was a hunter.  He would have been tracking at that time and unless other hunters were looking for him it would have been unlikely anyone would have found him, simply because of his skill in leaving no trail behind him.

I was so pleased to tell him that he had finally been found. He was grateful and gently walked into the light.  He was greeted by this community.  I completed my work by doing a healing on the land and watched as the exclamation mark disappeared.


Long-term illness can create Entities

Returning to present times, I suspected there might be an Entity in the house.  Entities are created when someone experiences a shock, strong negative emotions, or illness over a long period of time.  (The previous owner had suffered a long-term illness).  Sure enough, I found two.  One was in the crawlspace and one in the attic.  Both were removed and sent to the Light for transformation.


After a general clearing on the whole house, I asked to have unconditional Love transferred into this house and put an energetic protection on every entrance way – just to ensure a happy move-in day.




This is what my client had to say:

“I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me at our new house!  Your reviews spoke for themselves so it was an easy decision to reach out.  I was curious to see if you were ‘too good to be true’.  As it turns out, you are both good and true!  The session exceeded my expectations, from our original consultation to the actual clearing session. The value was excellent.  You can’t put a price on piece of mind.

I felt a change in atmosphere immediately: from uneasy (even looming, perhaps), to soothing and calm.  I look forward to spending many years in our newly invigorated home.  Thank you!” ~ L.R.



  • The very best times to do house clearings are when you are moving out or moving in
  • Imprints are strong memories that are left behind in a particular space.  They can be equally as disturbing as Ghosts or Entities.
  • Remember that we are working with energy.  Our bodies are made of energy and as we walk through a pocket of negative energy or an imprint, our body’s energy can be affected.
  • Energy is energy!  The house has its own energy as much as we have our own energy.  That’s why the “house” can be cleared as well as the energy within it.
  • Pockets of negative energy and imprints cannot be removed simply by opening all the windows.  The energy is too thick and needs to be done by a professional like me.


If you suspect that you have negative energy, imprints or Ghosts in your house or work space, call me for a Complimentary Consultation.




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