Mr. PresiTrump’s Soul – A Metaphysical Perspective

 Physical vs. Metaphysical

The current State of the Union seems dismal.  Our 5 senses are being bombarded

with negativity.  The physical part that is upsetting the world and, in some cases,

bringing out the worst in us.  Instead of being part of a bigger picture

(we’re Canadians or we’re Americans) we find ourselves segregated into groups

we didn’t think we needed to identify with in 2017.  Women; Blacks;

Hispanics; Gays; the list goes on.





Donald Trump has officially been in power for about 6 weeks.  He just recently gave his first address to the congress as protesters showed up in droves.  The citizens of the United States have been protesting their hearts out – public marches, plaque-carrying crowds in the streets and threats to disrupt his inauguration.  On Feb.20/17, Corporate America wore Black to the office.

A little closer to home, was the recent grand opening of Trump International Hotel and Tower in down-town Vancouver.  The people of Vancouver protested loudly, outside the building during the opening ceremonies.  According to Global News they chanted “Love Trumps Hate” and carried signs reading “Dump Trump” and “Is it 2020 yet”?   The protesters were railing against Islamophobia, misogyny, transgender discrimination, hate and aggression – attitudes they believe the Trump name represents.

Canadians are upset.  Americans are upset.  The British Parliament recently had a debate about whether President Trump should be allowed a full State Visit while protester’s chants resounded through the hallways.  Open hatred and discrimination during the Trump campaign was cited as a possible psychological cause for the terrorist shooting at a Quebec City mosque.  The world is in shock.


Speculative Diagnosis

There are those who are calling Mr. PresiTrump a Narcissist with an Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Not feeling qualified to make that statement, I looked up the definitions.


“Persons with Narcissistic Personality Disorder have a grandiose sense of self-importance.  They consider themselves special people and expect special treatment.  They handle criticism poorly and may become enraged that anyone would dare to criticize them, or they may appear to be completely indifferent to it.  They want their own way and are frequently ambitious, desiring fame and fortune.  Their sense of entitlement is striking.  They can make others furious because they refuse to obey the conventional rules of behavior.” ¹


“Antisocial Personality Disorder persons are highly manipulative and are frequently able to talk others into participating in schemes that involve easy ways to make money or to achieve fame or notoriety, which may eventually lead the unwary to financial ruin or social embarrassment or both.  Antisocial personality disorder persons do not tell the truth and cannot be trusted to carry out any task or adhere to any conventional standard of morality.  A notable finding is a lack of remorse for those action, that is, these persons appear to lack a conscience.” ²


If this is true, it’s important to note that Narcissistic behaviour and Antisocial Personality Disorders start with a shocking traumatic event in early childhood that changes a person’s personality forever.³


Meanwhile ordinary people who used to keep their opinions to themselves are feeling quite justified in defending their racist’s statements and are “coming out of the closest” as it were, showing their true disdain for others.  And much to my jaw-dropping surprise, have become Trump supporters.  How did this happen?  What are we going to do?  He is the most powerful man in the world.  Where do we go from here?



There is a cure.  It’s called Compassion.


Metaphysical Perspective

We, the people, are the ones who can turn this situation around.  We have to start looking at this situation in a very different way.


Pre-Birth Intentions

donald trump beyond-1158516_1920Before we incarnated into this life, each and every one of our souls sat in council with our Spiritual Guides and The Universal Source – the Creator of All that Is.  We made conscious choices about the path we would follow in this life time.  We were on the other side when we made these decisions – in a place of the highest peace, perfection and Love.  We made these choices and decisions out of Love, kindness and for the Glory of the Creator.  We did so with gladness and excitement, regardless of the road we were about to take – smooth or bumpy.  Some people chose a particularly bumpy road, but none the less, the choice was made from a place of gratitude, with joy and compassion.


Conversations with the Creator


Mr. PresiTrump’s Soul went through the same process.  He chose a

particularly bumpy road, don’t you think?  I cannot imagine

the long and arduous sessions he went through with the

Holy Spirit and Divine Spirit Beings who love him beyond infinity.

Working at getting him to the point where he could actually

agree to take on this astronomical task.  Coming from a place of

pure Love, Joy and Light yet having to prepare and agree to

follow the path we witness today.



I can only imagine the conversations:

“Who ME”?!!  “I’m supposed to do what to those people”?!!  “Why ME”?!!

Believing that his soul might actually be shattered by these tasks, he tentatively continues;

“OK…OK…I’ll do it but only if you give me a personality that can handle it.  I can’t do what you are asking if I don’t have a flaw that will help me get through it”.

And so his Soul Contract was set in place.


A Gift in Disguise 

Who else could come from a place of pure Love and Bliss, and set the world in a spiraling tail-spin, other than a Narcissist with Antisocial Personality Disorder?  Who else could give the world a gift of this magnitude?  The gift of re-evaluating and re-adjusting our core societal and personal Values.  This is our opportunity to take the next right step.



donald trump love-1221449_1920

You see, Donald Trump is showing us what we need to fix in ourselves and in our society.  This is a purposeful, spiritual path that we as human beings need badly, in order to move forward energetically and spiritually.  In order to learn and grow as spiritual beings.  To re-set our balance.  When you look at it like this, you can’t help but find that compassionate place deep inside desperately needing to come out, and shine.  Emotions are the language of the Soul.  The emotion of Compassion resonates at a high vibrational level.

Compassion will turn this situation around.  It’s time to practice compassion.  Have compassion for Donald Trump’s soul; have compassion for your own soul.  Have compassion for every person who you come in contact with, be it a server at your favourite restaurant or the CEO of your corporation or the street person who crossed your path to remind you that poverty was his choice in order to fulfill his pre-birth intentions.


A Call to all Light Workers

donald trump yin-and-yang-1947878_1280 (2)

Remember that each of us has a Soul’s Path – an ultimate purpose in this life.  When we practice compassion for the most powerful man in the world it has a ripple effect.  Compassion WILL seep through the cracks of society, from the top right down to the bottom, and it WILL change the world as we know it.  This is a call to all Light Workers.  It starts with us.  It starts with me.



donald trump incense-2042096_1280



For more information on the Soul’s Plan and Soul Contracts, please refer to Robert Schwartz’s books – Your Soul’s Plan and your Soul’s Gift.  Both are available at your public library.

Footnote Sources:

¹ Sixth Edition – Synopsis of Psychiatry – Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychiatry – Harold I. Kaplan, M.D. and Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D. – pg 531

²/³ Sixth Edition – Synopsis of Psychiatry – Behavioral Sciences, Clinical Psychiatry – Harold I. Kaplan, M.D. and Benjamin J. Sadock, M.D. – pg 532







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  1. Susan Rhem-Westhoff Avatar
    Susan Rhem-Westhoff

    This is truth and I couldn’t agree more. We are all connected. When you remember that, you can’t help but feel compassion.

    1. Jayne Avatar

      Thank you for your comment Susan. In these days of Covid-19, when we are home and isolated, when we do our individual thing, in our own bubble, it’s hard to remember compassion for others and that we are All One, but we are. I appreciate you and your metaphysical outlook on life.

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