Locked Doors, Thuds and Orbs – A Real Washington State Ghost Story

Long-distance House Clearing

It’s not always possible to meet people face-to-face and shake hands.  This clearing was done remotely (or Long-Distance) between me in Canada and this family in Washington State.  Remote clearings are equally as effective.  Everything is made up of energy and all energy is connected.  My work is about connecting to the energy of the house or people, even if they are many miles away. 

The process is quick and easy.  Once I am contacted, either via email or through my Contact Me website form, we agree to a mutual date/time to meet, either through a phone call or (I prefer) video chat.  When the Clearing is completed, I communicate my findings via email.  These are the direct communications between me and my client. 

First Contact:

A mash of emotional adjustments

Our home was built in 1915 in Washington State, in a seaside suburb.  I believe we are the 5th owner.  I moved into the home with my two kids.  About 6 months later my partner and daughter moved in, so the house was a mash of emotional adjustments.  We have never been the Brady Bunch nor perfect but we all are good people.  Everyone is getting along great but our spirit guest seems to be up to its old tricks. 

This last week we have endured locked doors, footsteps, thuds and orbs.   My partner has been suffering from insomnia and although she takes sleep medication, lately she is waking up at 3:00 am again and is unable to fall back asleep until around 5:00 am. 

Crystals and sage but nothing is really working

I have been documenting these occurrences for the last five years, since we have lived in our home.  We also feel that the energy or entity here is affecting our family in a negative way.  Probably more than we realize.  We have tried sage, crystals, communicating, remodeling our space to make it our own and building our energy fields.  But nothing is really working.

I could write a book

Here are some of the things we have experienced.  Many of these we have both experienced at the same time.  I will try my best to make it short.  I’m considering writing a book because it’s borderline ridiculous how much has happened. 

  • Footsteps…  lots of them.  Even feeling them around us.
  • Perfume smells 
  • Cold spots
  • Floating white mist
  • A woman crying
  • Light orbs
  • Tall black shadow figure darting quickly out of sight with Red Eyes
  • Our dog would stare at an inside door and wag her tail.  She would often jump off the couch from a sleep like she was kicked off
  • The cats stare off into the usual spots
  • Rotten egg smell
  • A strong smell of earth thrown at my partner. She choked and could taste it.
  • Feeling electrically charged (we both experienced that at the same time)
  • Twice being grabbed (red fingerprints on arm)
  • Shirt tugged
  • Touched
  • Super loud banging on our walls shaking the house on two separate occasions 
  • Items disappearing only a couple were returned 
  • Tapping 3 times on window
  • Knocking on the front door
  • Figure seen outside and disappeared immediately 
  • Door latches moved and bedroom door opened often after being locked
  • Christmas ornament taken off the tree three times (third time – snapped in half)
  • The cat is locked in the bedroom often
  • Humming
  • Sounds of things falling but nothing is there
  • We have both been scratched
  • Feeling of being watched and chased

Nobody visits anymore

Lots of these incidents have more detail to them but this is as simple as I can get them. And I have not documented them all.   People rarely visit.  One of our friends woke up around 3:00 am in a panic and will never stay here again.  We have also had other people comment on how the house doesn’t feel right. 

These are my Findings:

The Ghost Rescue Interpretation

“I have finished your house clearing!  I am interested to know how your house “feels” now that the clearing has been done. 

It was certainly interesting.  Here are my findings:

Very strict masculine energy

I found the Ghost of an older woman who identified herself as Mrs. Kenneth Pratchett.  She was the caretaker or head, paid servant (female equivalent of the Butler) in a large house owned by Mrs. Gillvary.  (Don’t quote me on the names.  They are often fuzzy to me but they will be very close to the actual names).  Mrs. Pratchett was very strict.  She had strong “masculine” energy.  She didn’t like children.  She said they made a mess, they were loud and unruly and they should be seen and not heard – uncivilized.  She is the one that locked the doors.  She did it to “contain” the children. 

She sees your partner as a type of governess to the children and, in her opinion, she isn’t very good at it (I laughed when I heard this.  No wonder your partner felt targeted).  Mrs. Pratchett said that the Gillvary’s son was far too sensitive and so was his Mother.  Mrs. Pratchett died in 1891 from what appeared to be ovarian or uterine cancer.  She worked right up to about 2 months before she died and ran herself ragged but wouldn’t give up her status in the house.  It looked like she died in the house. She has now gone to the Light and was greeted by her husband. 

The land was sub-divided

The land that your current house sits on used to have a much larger house on it built in the late 1800’s.  Just before your house was built (1914-1915), the land was sub-divided and several smaller houses were built, including yours.  Mrs. Pratchett was the caretaker of the large house that used to sit on your land.  I can’t find anything on Google about the history of the land but you might be able to at the land-titles office in your town or at the museum.  The other possibility is that she was part of the Castle just down the street from you but the names don’t match up with the research I did about the castle.  There were a couple of very wealthy men in your town from the lumber industry. 

An Imprint energy signal

The second Ghost I found was Mrs. Gillvary’s son Jonathon Gillvary.  He was 9 years old and died just before Mrs. Pratchett in 1891.  He repeated over and over that he died of Diphtheria.  It was as if he tried to remember what the name of his illness was.  He said that Mrs. Pratchett was very strict and that his Mom cried all the time.  (This might be why you have heard a woman crying out in the house).  I did not see his Mother.  She came to help Jonathon cross over so she was not a ghost in your house however, the memory of her crying may have still been in your house.  It’s called an Imprint.  An Imprint is like an energetic memory left behind after a highly emotional time (or event). 

Mom begged him not to die

Jonathon is the one who took your things.  I asked him what he took and he said a remote, keys, a hat (or something that covers your head) and a string (or some wire).  Not sure if any of these are the items you are missing.  Let me know.  He said he kept everything in one place, upstairs, just like Mrs. Pratchett wanted him to.  You will likely find these items upstairs and in one place.  I asked him why he didn’t go to the light on his own.  He told me that his Mom cried and begged him not to go (die) when he was still alive so when he did die, he didn’t go to the Light.  He has safely gone to the Light.  He was greeted by his Mother and it was a VERY happy reunion.  

Entity is gone for good

I also found an entity.  I think this is the one with glowing red eyes.  In case you are not familiar, an Entity is a created being.  It was never alive like a person and it is not a Soul.  They are slippery and they hide.  They are hard to deal with.  It was vanquished and sent to the Light for transformation.  It won’t be back to bother you again. 

Whole house is cleared

I did an Energy Clearing of your whole house and property.  There was allot of Negative Energy that had built up over the years.  I cleared the whole house, the beds, the furniture, walls etc.  I filled your house with Divine White Light and put a protection around it from the foundation to the top of the roof.  I also asked to have extra protection on all the openings (doors, windows) so that only those who come to your house, who are there for your best and highest good, will be allowed to enter.  I asked to have Unconditional Love, Kindness, Peace and Compassion downloaded into the whole house and into you, and your family.

I hope this all helps.  Please keep me posted.” 

Social Proof:  Feedback from the Home Owners:

Houses were built for mill workers:    

“Thanks Jayne for your help.  That is a lot of good information for sure.  It was a bit different from what we were thinking but there definitely are some connections with what we were experiencing.  We thought it could have been a man, army vet, from the 40s or 50s.  Or at least someone from the timeline of when our house was built.  Regardless of who, we are glad that they were united with their loved ones.  We had once considered the possibility that it could be from the general area.  A different house being near or on the property is possible.  The layout of the plots of the houses here were built for the mill workers.  The wealthier people were higher up on the hill.  We are situated right by the hill on the flats.  So they would have made more space for more housing to accommodate the workers.

House feels lighter and brighter 

The house feels calmer.  The stairway is brighter and the back bedroom and upstairs feels lighter as well.  I feel more relaxed.  I was having a difficult time feeling content and comfortable.  I was able to lay down and check out tonight.  It was nice. 

You were spot on!

One thing I will say is you were spot on when you told me to stop on the steps during the video chat.  At that point I was feeling heavy and charged.  Like static electricity all over my body starting with my head then down my arms.  After we ended the chat I walked back upstairs.  We could both feel it.  Super strong and in certain spots. 

Missing items

A lot of what went missing was connected to the kids.  My son’s toy collection vanished.  My daughter’s stuffed bunny, and my son’s headphones went missing two years ago without a trace.  That covers the headphones and they had a wire.  These are just some of the random things and experiences that could be considered childish.  

Explains why activity was elevated

The part about my partner is really interesting.  She has always said that she felt this wasn’t her space.  The couple times that we feel she was “possessed” as one would say, is in line with someone who does not like children.  All of our children are very loud and vocal.  This might explain why the activity and stress levels were elevated before they would visit and while they were here.

It was a great experience!

I’m glad we reached out to you and I can feel a difference.  I will keep you posted, and we will take your advice about letting go and being open to new energy.  Last night we slept solid!  Definitely a better feeling going on.  The more we discussed things the more connections we made.  Everything is all good.  Anyway, thanks again!  It was a great experience.”


  • I always do research AFTER the clearing has been done.  Sometimes I get lucky and find relevant articles or newspaper articles that substantiate the findings done during the clearing.
  • The children were loud and vocal which might explain why Mrs. Pratchett didn’t think his partner was a very good “governess”.
  • Mrs. Pratchett was the strong male energy they thought was in their house. 
  • Through video chat, I am able to actually see and feel the inside of people’s homes in order to get a good psychic connection to their place.  The stairs had a particular heavy energy about ½ way up.
  • A Ghost’s energy can strongly effect our energy as we go about our daily lives.  The reference made to his partner being “possessed” was likely Mrs. Pratchett’s influence on her energy and not a possession the way we think about it. 
  • Because people live with this kind of energy and occurrences for so long, even after the clearing they “expect” to see and feel the same things.  Memory is different than reality.   It’s important to make the distinction between the two. 
  • It’s important to remember that Ghosts are often older than the technology and terms we use today.  The young Gillvary boy would not know what a head-set was or what to call it. 

With many thanks to this family who were so ready to be open to this experience with both their story and their feedback.  I’m grateful to have the opportunity to serve them in this special way.

If you suspect there is a Ghost in your Home or Workplace, CONTACT ME today.