Jack O’Lantern – More than Festive and Fun

Pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns are a festive and fun tradition on Halloween night as the young Trick-or-Treaters make their way from house to house.  However, pumpkin carving goes back to Ancient Celtic communities who actually carved turnips and lit them with embers to ward off evil spirits.

Pumpkins didn’t grow in Ireland way back then.  The Irish settlers brought the tradition of carving turnips to the Western world.  They discovered the delicious, orange gems upon their arrival and realized pumpkins were so much easier to carve than turnips!   

Pumpkins are a resilient fruit, growing large and plump at the end of Harvest season, when all other vegetation dies off and gets ready for winter.  For this reason, pumpkins have become symbols of prosperity, growth and abundance.  Pumpkins can be used for protection, divination, healing, honouring the moon and prosperity – yes, the attraction of money! 

At this time of year, the veil becomes thinner making communication with, and sightings of Earth-Bound Ghosts easier.  It’s also said that Fairy Folk become more active, getting into mischief and pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans.  So when you are carving your Pumpkin this year, remember its magical properties of protection and prosperity.   Say a little blessing of Thanks for helping you connect to your ancient ancestors and for protecting you and your loved ones.  

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