My house feels like a dead zone – a case study

 A House Clearing Case Study:

 In a Nut Shell:

It’s been a rough 5 years, with the last two being the hardest, for my client. After enduring illness-after-illness, injury, general fatigue, depression, and even some scary moments, she started wondering what the heck was going on in her home. She didn’t want to stay indoors and just wanted to get out of her home every day – the atmosphere felt so heavy and negative at home. The years prior to moving here weren’t like this at all. She thought there must be something wrong with this place but wondered if she could do something other than move.

She read my website and called me in for a House Clearing to clean up the energy.

Today she reports that she no longer has the urge to leave and “get the heck out” every day. The heavy, negative feeling is gone, her energy is up, and she feels safe, comfortable and happy in every part of her home.

Here’s the scoop…

Over the last 5 years, my client has experienced many negative challenges. These challenges even included a major upset with her employment. She suffered from many colds, flus, food poisonings, and general fatigue that left her frustrated and downright depressed. Then, 2 years ago, she sustained a serious back injury and although much better, remains in recovery.

She couldn’t “see” the problem, but she certainly could feel it.

Over the last 5 years or so, she noticed that she could “feel” the difference between her home, and, her parents and friends’ homes; she knew that something was definitely going on. She couldn’t “see” any problem, so she dismissed her feelings again and again. Yet, she continued to feel the negative energy, and heavy energy, and even some “bad” energy at night when she tried to sleep. She started paying more attention while at home.

She noticed that when she left her home and went out anywhere, she felt lighter, happier, better. Then, when she returned home, she felt the heaviness and a depressed feeling would fill her for no reason. Other times, she felt tired for no reason or worse, sad – again, for no reason that could be pinpointed. She could only escape these negative feelings when she went out. Outside of work, as often as possible, she would go out visiting friends or go shopping or spend time reading at a coffee shop – anywhere but home. Prior to living here, she was more of a homebody and never felt the urge to just “get out”.

“My home feels bad/wrong. The atmosphere feels like a dead energy, or heavy energy situation. I don’t know what else to do to improve the feeling in my home. I don’t understand this, but I have absolutely no doubt that I feel it. Something has to change.” 

My client also started noticing smells and particularly bad odors over the last 5 years or so – unlike in the past when living in other homes or currently when Elevatorvisiting other people. For example, she noticed the hallways and the elevator would have an overwhelming smell of stale, dirty air or sometimes, foul body odors so putrid, she felt her stomach go nauseous.

She was an atheist – but she started praying!

Even worse than bad smells, was the issue of sleep. My client confided that she was an atheist and yet was so scared when going to sleep at night that she was saying a prayer every night just before closing her eyes. She was doing this because of the fear she felt for no reason and the negative heaviness of the atmosphere in her bedroom above her bed whenever she got in to go to sleep. The prayer was to ask for the removal of the negative energy in the room and to replace it with loving positive energy. And then she would say thank you and wish blessings for everyone. Immediately after her prayer, the negative heavy scary energy above her went away and she could fall asleep.

“The reason I prayed was because I felt an overwhelming negative energy in my bedroom, when I got into bed for the night. I felt fearful and couldn’t relax and sleep until I prayed and, instantly, after praying, the negative feeling went away and I felt relief. I don’t have to be religious to know it worked. It just did, though I couldn’t understand why it did or why I even thought to do it. I was desperate and afraid. Perhaps that’s why.”

She started with Google to find out what this energy was about etc. and eventually found my website. Her intention was to understand more about the work I did so she could decide if I was the one to solve this problem. She decided my clearing service was a possible answer – the only one that fit to her at that time.

Could this really work?

My client acknowledged that she didn’t know anything about spiritual clearing, but was willing to take a risk for a solution and was open to the idea that she didn’t have the answer herself. She knew from this experience that you don’t have to see something in order for it to exist. Instead, she trusted herself and would base things on results she could feel rather than on beliefs etc.

“While cruising through the internet on this subject, I saw an article online that talked about how negative or angry energy can remain in a room long after a person who expresses that negative emotion leaves the room. It made me wonder if that was part of what was going on here since many people have lived here before me.”

We agreed to meet. As I entered her apartment building, the first thing I noticed was the smell of stale, dirty air. It was most pronounced in the elevator.

Immediately I felt heaviness in the dining area, the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen.

I greeted my client and walked through her apartment, to feel the area and get any psychic impressions of the energy in each room. Immediately, I felt heaviness in the dining area, the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. The windows were open but there wasn’t any breeze. It was as if the airflow was stuck.

As I sat down and went into my meditative state, I was able to see the many pockets of negative energy lingering in the areas I had felt previously. These pockets are called Imprints. An imprint is a concentrated pocket of energy and emotions, caused by an event or repeated events that literally becomes part of the atmosphere.

Neither of us expected to see a Ghost but, there she was

I was able to gather all the pockets of dark energy in the apartment and send them into the light for transformation. Then something came up that surprised both me and my client. Neither of us expected to see a Ghost but, there she was. An older lady who seemed to just be wandering around at will. She made me feel dizzy.

woman-dependent-765175_640I asked her who she was but she couldn’t tell me. She was so confused. She told me she lived on the 2nd floor and had died a couple of years earlier. She died at a hospital but returned, in Spirit form, to the home that was familiar to her. She hadn’t crossed over into the light because she didn’t know she was supposed to do that. She couldn’t think through it. I showed her the light but she didn’t want to go. I had to work on convincing her to go and eventually she entered into it. She was lovingly greeted by her Mother and instantly healed.

I saw several dark figures in one corner of the living room.

And then I saw several dark figures in one corner of the living room. They were huddled there, all together as if waiting for someone or for some type of direction. I saw that they were patients from a Nursing Home for people with mental challenges that used to be on this land, years ago. They were sad, depressed and scared. There were too many of them to ask for names, so I showed them how to get into the light. They happily went in, together as a group.

I was guided back into the bedroom only to find a large, dark mass of imprinted energy in the bed. Again, it was cleared by sending it to the light for transformation.

I cleared the negative energy…and replaced it with unconditional love

My final task was to clear any negative energy from the whole building – the foundation to the roof, the walls, the hallways and the elevator. I completely filled all of the cleared energy spaces with Unconditional Love energy.


….and in the end:

Once the clearing was done, we sat down to discuss my findings. It was no wonder to me that my client had been feeling heavy, depressed and tired all the time with the amount of negative energy I cleared out of his apartment.

“This whole scenario stopped immediately after your service – that night I never felt the need to pray… I felt light, happy, comfortable, relaxed – no fear or heaviness at all. I went straight to sleep and have done so every night since!”

When we re-entered the building the energy felt light and everything smelled fresh

We put our coats on and went outside. We wanted to test the energy feeling in the building and also in the apartment. Once we re-entered we both noticed how light the energy felt in the hallways and how fresh smelling everything was, including the elevator! Her apartment was no exception and we both noticed that the air was actually flowing in through all the opened windows. It was actually cold in there.

“My expectations were fully met and then some! I wanted the heavy, negative feeling I had in my home to go away – and it did. I wanted to feel safe and comfortable in every part of my home – and now I do. I wanted to feel light and happy instead of heavy and depressed – and I am!”

Ghost stories – confirmed!

Confirmation was received about the older woman when my client explained that she used to live on the second floor of the building and how concerned she was for her while she was alive. This woman had dementia, was delusional and borderline psychotic while she was alive. Her son moved her there so she would have a safe place to live but went off her medication, felt alone and neglected. Her mental stability deteriorated until she was taken to the hospital where she died.


“My expectations were fully met and then some! I wanted the heavy, negative feeling I had in my home to go away – and it did. I wanted to feel safe and comfortable in every part of my home – and now I do. I wanted to feel light, safe and happy instead of tired, sad and depressed – and I am!”


  • Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. You don’t have to believe in anything in particular for this service to work but you can be assured that the negative energy will be cleared. You will “feel” the difference.
  • It’s important that negative energy and Ghosts are sent into the Light because if they are not, they can come back or go to someone else’s house and affect that person’s calm and peaceful place.
  • When someone dies and doesn’t cross over, they are between this earthly existence and the other side. They keep all of the illnesses and disorders – mental illness, sickness, anger, addictions – they had when they were alive, but they don’t have a body to temper those illnesses or emotions. It’s so important for them to go into the light because there are no problems or illnesses on the other side. Instead, they experience an instant healing and become whole again.
  • People with Mental or Developmental challenges were typically treated extremely badly while in institutions or Nursing Homes, in the 1930’s and 1940’s. I believe very strongly that the ghosts and imprints in my client’s apartment included those who had been very badly treated. Having the clearing done means their torment is over, too. I’m so grateful for the chance to help both my client with the clearing and the ghosts in her apartment, to the other side.
  • From the time you get up in the morning, walk through your living space, get out the door and walk through your work day, you are walking through countless amounts of energies – some good and some bad – and your personal energy is affected by all of it. You are most definitely affected by the stale, negative imprinted energy from others in your own home.

You don’t have to believe in anything for a

House Clearing service to work

“I didn’t have to believe in or even understand anything in particular for your House Clearing service to work. Ever since your service in my home, I have felt light, safe and happy and have not felt that negative, heavy depressed feeling. And, I haven’t felt that urge to leave either! I stay home and read, and talk on the phone and have friends over and do my work. It’s such a happy relief! I would highly recommend your services to others. I’m really glad I met you!”

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