Is your home full of negative energy? Wondering how it got that way?

Blog - Negative energy2From the time you get out of your warm bed in the morning, you are walking through energy. Your spouse’s, child’s, pet’s and house’s energy.

You then leave your home and get into the office where there are 10 – 50 people’s energy that you are walking through.  You might go to the Café for lunch at which time you are crossing the street with a pile of other people and their energy, and, a whole new set of energies while in the Café.

You are being bombarded with energy all day long

This sounds overwhelming and in some cases it is.  All this energy affects you during the day especially when you are exposed to Negative Energy on a regular basis.

Perhaps you have a co-worker who couldn’t say something good if their life depended on it.  Or, maybe you feel heavy, stale energy in the board room, every time your team meets.  It’s no wonder you come home drained.

At the end of your day you step into your house, expecting it to feel like home, but instead you just feel heavy and depressed.

Your home has collected energy over the yearsBlog - Angry woman

Let’s just say that you lived in your house for 5 years.  Your house is 35 years old.  You heard that the last couple living here fought all the time until they finally divorced and sold the house to you.  You also know that the first owner eventually died after suffering from a long term illness and at one time there were at least 8 students living in your house.

The pain and suffering, the angst of final exams, the constant name calling, abuse and anger, has left a pocket of Negative Energy in the middle of your house.

Blog - exam studentFor the past 5 years, you, your spouse and child, have been walking through this energy pocket.  Through no fault of your own, you are affected by energy that doesn’t belong to you.  It’s called Imprinted Energy and it grows stronger every time negative emotions are expressed.

It’s important to note that Imprinted Energy is different than a Ghost.  Imprints are like short videos or a memory, played over and over again.   They remain behind after an event has happened and they will never interact with us like a Ghost can.  You can’t get rid of them simply by opening the window.

A house clearing can remove negative energy

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A House Clearing can easily and effectively remove Imprinted Energy, from every corner of your home, even your bed.  You can expect to feel warm, cozy and happy, once again.  In fact, I would recommend that you get your house cleared at least once per year – sort of like Spring Cleaning.

If you have listed, and are having difficulty selling your house, it will sell like hot cakes after a fresh and clean House Clearing.  Have your new home cleared before you move in to experience the best move-in day ever!

Be joyful again. Book a House Clearing today






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