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Ghost Rescue Services

House clearing and ghost rescue services – remove the bad energy and get your cozy home back.

Is your home haunted or infested with negative energy?

Do you ever get that feeling when things are out of sorts in your home?  It’s nothing you can put your finger on, it’s just uncomfortable and even your family pets are acting nervous and out of character.

Have you ever gotten the chills because you felt that there was someone in the room but there was nobody there? Or, had the feeling like you’re being watched? Maybe you have experienced something a little stronger like the sensation of being touched by unseen hands or you’ve seen a figure across the room, through the corner of your eye.

You could have a Ghost in your house and sometimes these Ghosts (or entities) can manipulate the energy so that you actually feel their restless presence. In an extreme case your TV or radio could come on and the volume increases, at will. All kinds of strange things could be happening.

You are not imagining these circumstances and you are NOT going crazy. Those entities don’t belong in your house! You need a House Clearing to remove the entity, so you can have your quiet, cozy home back to yourself.

Signs that your home could be haunted:

  • You feel scared to be there
  • You feel depressed or anxious for no reason
  • Your child wakes up screaming in the middle of the night saying there’s a monster in their room and it’s increasingly more difficult to comfort them.
  • Your pets are standing in the corners, scratching at the wall and barking or meowing, at what seems like nothing, yet night after night they do the same thing.

My horse was becoming increasingly unsettled and fearful

“I called upon Rev. Dr. Jayne when one of the members of our beloved equine therapy team, Romeo, became increasingly unsettled; displaying inexplicable on-going bouts of fearful and agitated behaviour. I had exhausted all other avenues and was feeling at a loss. Jayne performed Theta Healing and I was actually able to witness the changes taking place in real time, by way of Romeo’s behaviour, during the session. He has been much more settled ever since.

Thank you Rev. Dr. Jayne!”

~Krista Brown~

Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats, Langley, BC

Are you avoiding being in your own home?

I have been told that folks take their lap-top and briefcase to the local Coffee Shop and spend the day there, just to avoid having to sit in the energy of their own home.

Friends and family come over and can’t wait to get out of there, or they make excuses to avoid coming to your place, all together.

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People are ready to sell and move out because they are at their wit’s end. They would rather face Realtor, Banking, Lawyer’s fees and all the hassle, than stay another month under these conditions. They can’t concentrate at work because, for weeks, they’ve been up half the night tending to an inconsolable child or pet. Thoughts of losing their job, comes to mind. What a shame!

Your home might not be haunted – perhaps you have Negative Imprints

Negative energy can be left over from the people who’ve lived in your house in the past.

Let’s say your house is 35 years old. It has accumulated 35 year of negative energy – arguments, divorces, stress, tension, illness – even death.

This has left a pocket of Negative Energy, called an Imprint, in your home.

A House Clearing can easily and effectively remove these Negative Imprints from every corner of your home, even your bed. You can expect to feel warm, cozy and happy, once again.

In fact, I would recommend that you get your house cleared at least once per year – sort of like Spring Cleaning. If you have listed and are having difficulty selling your house, it will sell like hot cakes after a fresh and clean House Clearing. Have your new home cleared before you move in to experience the best move-in day ever!

Signs that you may have Negative Energy Imprints:

  • Your house isn’t “bad”, it just doesn’t feel “right”
  • You and your family’s mood changes constantly – you argue for no apparent reason
  • Illnesses or injuries seem to take forever to heal
  • Lack of physical energy – you feel drained and heavy most of the time
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You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home.

After the move into this new place, my boyfriend had a spiritual encounter and I always felt uptight and nervous, especially when alone. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a house clearing but I am a very spiritual person and I knew they were available.

The session was good and in depth! First, Jayne discussed everything and identified our worries, validated our concerns, and then went into the clearing process. It was definitely worth the value! You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home. Thank you so much Jayne for helping us to feel comfortable and secure in our new home! You are a healer in the physical and spiritual world.

~ C. Granger ~

House Clearings flush out that old, unwanted, stale, dark energy or Ghosts, leaving your home feeling light, fresh, peaceful and calm.

Jayne removed many different entities in my home – from a different province

“My intention to contact Jayne was to set peace and harmony for my family, in my new home in Alberta. She has helped me with many different entities in my home, from a different province; I didn’t think it was possible!

My expectations and hopes were exceeded. The clearing was done in a timely manner with no disruption to my household. Everything was explained to me prior to the clearing. Jayne shared an abundance of information about the spirits who were in my home. She knew where they came from, how they came in and how they felt. They shared openly with her.

Jayne is gifted in communicating with spirits and she does it with empathy and compassion. I felt completely comfortable and safe during this process. She conducted herself professionally and was true to her word from the beginning. She followed through from start to finish and then some!

She is impeccable at what she does and I am so pleased that I called her to help! I will contact her again if another spirit comes in. I am truly grateful for Jayne’s services.”

~ Kathleen V. ~

The clearing session is fast, easy and effective – and you don’t even have to believe in ghosts to feel the difference

There is nothing worse than living with something that you can’t see and that makes you scared. Your house, (especially your bed), is supposed to make you feel comfortable and safe. It’s a place where you should be able to let your hair down and be exactly who you are. When you feel like you’re being watched, it always makes you uncomfortable and uneasy.

The Clearing session is fast, easy and effective. You don’t have to believe in what I do to have a productive House Clearing. Once it’s done, the safety feeling comes back into your living space. You and your family can sleep peacefully once again.

My Service Guarantee:

I promise you that I will do everything in my power to rid your house or office space of unwanted energy and Ghost activity. In my 10+ years of experience and in the vast majority of cases, 100% of the ghosts have been cleared. For example, on the rare occasion, only two Ghosts show up when there was actually a third.

If this is the case, you are welcome to contact me within 7 days and I will offer a no charge follow-up. I can check on it long-distance, rather than having to come back to your home or workplace. You will always be offered a Feedback Form where you can express yourself and how the Energy Clearing really helped you.

We’ve had a beautiful, comfortable energy in our home since you did the clearing for us

Our house was built in the early 1930’s and has 3 levels. We have been hearing sounds of footsteps upstairs when we are down watching TV, but my husband first actually saw a male entity at 4:00 am about a week or so ago. We have also been experiencing a true lack of energy and started to put all the pieces together. We decided to get our house cleared.

It was so good Jayne. THANK YOU so much for everything that you did for us. I have to say, with ALL honestly, that there has been a beautiful, comfortable energy in our home since you did the clearing for us. It is almost like we are all on our own our individual journeys, but also within the dynamics of being a family.”

~ Kris K. ~

Book your house or office clearing

Your House or Workplace Clearing Includes:

  • Complimentary Consultation – assistance and assurance of your situation
  • Formal Intake document – for completion and return, via email, before the clearing
  • In-person home or workplace visit – Services provided while in your home or workplace
  • Long-Distance (or Remote) services – different city, different province or state, different country
  • Identification of a Ghost, Entity, Spirit or Negative Energy within your home or office
  • Explanation of the occurrences – Reassurance
  • Energy Clearing – Negative Energy, Ghosts and Entities will be removed
  • Feedback and Follow-up document – for your completion and return

Your investment includes all of the above = $375.00

Prices based on Standard Sized Family Homes: up to 2800 sq. ft. I reserve the right to add extra charges for larger sq.ft. spaces.

 Service area includes Burnaby, Tri-Cities, New Westminster, Vancouver, Langley – for service outside these areas, a travel fee of $.50/km applies

 Yes! I can clear your Place of business, Office or Work Space as well. Contact me for a quote.  

How it works: getting started

To book your clearing, simply fill in the Contact Form or email me at:  I will be alerted of your request and will email you as quickly as possible.

You will not be judged and your concerns will always be taken seriously.

Once I get your request, we can arrange for an initial Consultation and I will email you my Intake Form. This will help pinpoint the exact problem in preparation for the Clearing. We can get a good grasp on the urgency of your situation and set a date/time to get together. It’s that easy!

Ghosts won’t leave on their own!

Until you get rid of them, you can expect more of what you’ve been experiencing. And in some cases, the energy gets stronger and stronger.

Investing in a House Clearing will give you back your cozy home.

Frequently asked questions about ghost rescue services

If you don’t see your question here, please contact me – I’m always happy to answer your questions.

Are your services discreet? Will my family or neighbours find out?

I’m so glad that you reached out to me. I have talked with many folks about Ghosts, Entities and Spirits. Nothing you say to me will be judged and your concerns will always be taken seriously.

I drive an unmarked vehicle. I don’t wear a uniform and I won’t be bringing obvious “ghost busting equipment” into your home. Unless you choose to tell people, no one will know.


How much does it cost?

What would it be worth to you to have a calm, peaceful home where you could feel safe, light and happy in the sanctuary of your four walls? When you think about the wellbeing of your beloved pet or the comfort of your child, sleeping peacefully all night long, the value of having this work done in your home is almost priceless.

I will come to your house, I will explain the occurrences that are happening in your home and I will perform a negative energy and/or ghost clearing, and, do a smudge for protection, all for just $375.00.


I live in another province or country – can you still help?

My services are also available long-distance. I work with energy so, even if you live in a different city, province or country, this work is equally as effective and can be started simply by sending an email, making a phone call or over Skype.


Can you remove Ghosts, Entities and Negative Energy from an office?

Absolutely! Office buildings can be very susceptible to Energetic activity of all kinds. It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it’s in an office building, a renovated house, a farmyard barn or in a business complex. A Ghost’s energy can influence you and your co-workers. Indicators might include that your paperwork has been moved or gone missing. You might feel overly tired and cranky all day long or you notice the negativity levels at staff meetings seems to be growing for no apparent reason.

One of the worst things that happen in office buildings is the old, negative, stale energy that keeps hanging around. For example, let’s say that a manager who was still in charge, had given notice to leave the company. Before their departure they didn’t think twice about talking badly about the company or the management style. That person always seemed angry and upset. This type of bad energy stays in the board room or office space, and can cause a decrease in productivity or creativity.

This energy can be cleared up very easily through the clearing process. Wouldn’t you love to walk into your workplace sensing Light, Fresh and Happy energy!


How can I know it will work?

The greatest part is that you don’t have to wait for days to find out if it worked.   You will instantly feel the difference in your home. You don’t have to believe in what I do, or the process, but I can assure you that you will know it worked! You will feel lighter. Your home will have an airy feel to it. You might notice that your space smells fresher.

The overwhelming comments I receive are that people sleep like a log and so do their children. Their pets are calm, relaxed and they suddenly go to lay down in areas that they refused to go in before the clearing.


I’ve had other healers into my house but the Ghost is still here!

Ghost busting is not something that every healer can do – and sometimes the issue is not a ghost, it’s an entity. A ghost is the Soul of a person who used to be alive and an Entity takes on a life of its own and is created by heavy, negative energy.

Entities are particularly hard to find and hard to deal with. Unless they are specifically being sought out, they can go undetected. I make it a point of looking for them during every clearing that I do.


How long does it take?

As a general rule, I like to set aside about 1 hour, however, if you have multiple situations in your house like negative energy pockets and, Ghosts and Entities, it may take a little bit longer. After our intake conversation, I’ll let you know how long I expect it will take.


How does it work?

Getting started is as easy as sending me an email or picking up the phone. From there we will have a conversation so I can get a sense of what’s happening and the urgency of your situation.

I will send you an Intake Form where you can explain further and give me some specifics about how you, your kids, or your pets are being affected.

Together, we’ll arrange for me to make a timely visit to your house. I will perform the clearing and give you all the information that I learned while doing the clearing. And best of all, you can return to having a safe, calm and relaxing place to call home.


Do you guarantee results?

I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to clear your home of unwanted negative energy and Ghosts. I believe that we will be successful with one clearing session in your home. In my 10+ years of experience, 100% of the Ghosts have been sent on their way. I will follow-up with you after the session and if you feel that there is still something in your house, I will always do an extra clearing at no charge, within 7 days, just to ensure that all is well.


What do I have to do during the session?

You don’t have to do anything during the session except to relax. You may want to let me know if you have questions for the Ghost so I can ask while in my meditation.

While I’m in meditation, you can close your eyes, just breathe peacefully or do your own meditation or prayer. You can also go into another room and do other things if you want. Once the clearing is done, I will let you know what I found out about your Ghost and let you know they have successfully crossed over into the light.

What I do ask is that you don’t answer the phone or talk on the phone while I’m doing the clearing. It disrupts my meditative state. My only need is a comfortable place in your home, to sit quietly and go into meditation.


Why do you call it Ghost Rescue?

If you told me how excited you were to be bringing your new Rescue Pet home from the shelter, we would all be rejoicing and doing a happy dance. That’s how I feel about Ghost Rescue.

It’s such a privilege to help a Ghost find their way home, into the light. They are often greeted by their Mom or their Brother; sometimes their pets or a community they have been separated from. There is always so much rejoicing and love on the other side.

To rescue a Ghost from their Ghostly form, problems, worries, illness and woes is a wonderful and miraculous gift. Ghost Rescue seems like a fitting term for something this profound.

Ready for the Rescue? Contact me TODAY.

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