Is Ghost Rescue a Scam?

ghost-235395_640-2Throughout the ages, people have asked the same question: “Do Ghosts Exist”?  For those who believe; there is no question. They can’t understand why a skeptic can’t just open their eyes, and viewpoints, to the possibility.  For Skeptics, it’s a matter of being fooled by paranormal evidence that simply has a rational explanation, if you just look hard enough.

Question Everything…terror-821784_640

You are entitled to your opinion, but does your experience tell you something different?  One thing I can say is that it’s important to be skeptical and discerning.  Not every picture or video presented to us is “real”.  Put on your scientific hat and weigh out your variables.  And then, don’t be surprised.  There may not be any other explanation other than, it truly is paranormal evidence.

3 reasons why it’s OK to believe in Ghosts:

1) Not everything in our large and unpredictable world is explained by Science

When I was a kid, I was taught, tested and graded on my scientific knowledge and yet today some of that knowledge has been challenged and debunked.

There was a time when the masses believed the world was flat.  There are many scientific theories that have been proven to be false or falsified.  For example, the Darwin Conspiracy (The Origin of Species) shocked the world when, in the past, his theories had always been believed to be scientific

We were taught that dinosaurs were cold-blooded reptiles. Now we know many of them are the ancestors of warm-blooded birds, including my favourite – T-Rex!


2) We believe in lots of things that can’t be seen or proven.



That little, quiet voice that says “No, don’t go that way”.  It can’t be weighed or measured but we tend to lean on it more than anything else when it comes to trusting a stranger, buying a new house or where to invest our money.  When in doubt, trust your gut feeling.


Religious Text:

People do their best to follow the written words in their Holy books.  Even the atheists I know can quote a passage or two from the Bible.  Although the stories we know and love feature people living extraordinary long lives, blog-love-1003645_640performing amazing feats like parting the Sea and having children at the age of 87, we believe them anyway – without any real proof.


There is nothing better.  Love is it; Love is the way.  When your wife says she loves you, you believe her because she said so.  Although there are several biological chemicals that trigger the emotion of Love, why test them when she acts like, and tells you, that she loves you.  You believe her.

Sometimes reality is enough to convince us.  When we see something, or feel something, it’s real to us, just like Ghosts.  The most common comment I hear is “I didn’t believe it until it happened to me”.  Fair enough.


3) Evidence from Paranormal Investigators and Quantum Physics is impressive: your soul can be weighed and measured

blog-mathematics-989119_640I’m grateful to the scientific community for their careful and meticulous work with variables (the things they want to measure) but maybe it’s time to expand on those variables.  It’s one thing to say they don’t believe in Ghosts and it’s another thing to deny to their colleagues, that they have cracked the energy code proving the existence of Ghosts, but won’t admit it.

When we talk about Ghosts, Entities and Spirits, we are talking about energy.  When a soul leaves the physical body, it is pure energy and can actually be weighed and measured.  A group of German scientists came to the inescapable conclusion that they had found the human soul and that it weighs in at 1/3000 ounces.

I have no way of being able to reproduce their experiment but I will say that a Ghost is made of energy and that energy can be felt, seen and communicated with on its own vibrational level.  (I do it all the time).

Ghosts have the same energy as your kitchen outlet

blog-socket-449372_640When you think about energy you might think about the energy you plug into in your home, gas that converts to energy and runs your car or that jolt of energy you need to get out of bed.  In fact, Energy is just energy.  There is only one kind.  The same kind that’s in the stars, sound, colour, emotions, the blog-atom-1013638_640wind, the outlet you plug your kettle into, consciousness and YES….Ghosts.

“This realization in quantum physics suggests that in the sub-atomic world, as is in the spiritual world, there is no separation between our own consciousness and the world ‘out there’. As a result, the traditional belief that the objective scientist, observing and recording results stands apart from the experiment is a myth.  The observer, the scientist, who is conducting an experiment, interacts and changes the behaviour of particles. The conclusion is that these subatomic particles responded in exact proportion to the thoughts and beliefs of the scientist when studying the phenomena. It is a fascinating concept, and well worth investigating.”

Paranormal Investigators have managed to give us far more “real” evidence than society (or the science community) gives them credit for.  They have actual voice, physical and photographic evidence of the existence of Ghosts.  Yet, again, I will ask you to put your skeptic hat on and ask yourself if what you are watching or learning about, rings true for you.

Paranormal Investigators have actual voice, physical and photographic evidence of the existence of Ghosts

evpI trust two teams of Investigators.  One is the team responsible for Haunting: Australia and the T.A.P.S. team out of Rhode Island.  I’m sure there are others but these are the shows I watch and enjoy.  They use electronic equipment like Thermal Imaging Cameras and EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) devices.  The team from Haunting: Australia uses both electronic devices and world renowned Psychics, so they are getting the best of both the scientific and spiritual worlds.  Myself; I use an blog-passivhaus_thermogram_gedaemmt_ungedaemmtordinary flashlight and my psychic gifts, which serve my purposes just fine.

So the only remaining question is:  Do I believe in Ghosts?  You bet!!  With over 10+ years of Ghost Rescue under my belt, no one can tell me that what I see doesn’t exist.  Have a look at the Real Stories from my Files, or at my blog.

Even if you don’t believe in my services, it works anyway!

Acknowledgements: Richard Longworth – Quantum Physicist and Author of Quantum Physics 101 Blog












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