Ghost Busting a little South-East of the Border

On Dec 22 a rather urgent Face Book message came through from a respected colleague in my Metaphysical Ministers group.  She lives in Roatan just off of the Honduras.   Her message stared out with, “Okay, this is very strange”.  She went on to explain that her day started with a new work-out routine.  She had gathered her things from her bedroom, gone downstairs to play with the dogs and set-up her space for Yoga then returned to her bedroom a second time to get her Yoga mat.  Once finished with her work-out downstairs, she returned her mat to her bedroom only to find a remote control toy boat sitting in the middle of her bed.  The boat belonged to her son and had been stored in her closet for 7 years.

Startled, she began to do some sleuthing.  She reported, “The boat has been stored for seven years in the top of a closet that sits beside my bed. I did not hear anything fall. I checked the boat for fingerprints in the dust but there was absolutely no sign of the boat being physically moved. It doesn’t feel angry or anything in my house, it feels the same as it did before I just simply can’t seem to understand how in the world the boat got off the shelf and placed in the middle of my bed”. Lisa's Ghost 4

Many of us in the group responded.  We were all under the impression that she had received a positive message from her spiritual guides showing approval for her decision to move in a new spiritual direction in her life.  She thanked everyone for their input and let the discussion come to its natural close.

On January 10 the Face Book discussion was rekindled when she reported that a few other things had happened since she wrote in December.   She told us that after the boat was moved she found her hairbrush in the kitchen lying on the bar facing the sink.  She is the only person who lives there so she couldn’t understand how her hairbrush could have gotten there.

Then one night she woke at 3:00 am because it was hot and she couldn’t sleep only to find the curtains in her living room wrapped together and lying on the bar by the sink.  She reported, “Winds in Roatan have not ever blown that hard since I have lived here in the last 8 years, that my curtains would wrap together and land on top of the bar. If there had been that much of a disturbance, I feel like I would have heard the noise from the storm but there was no breeze when I woke up from my sleep”.

She went on to say, “I went back to my room and tried to turn on the fan. I remembered that it had stopped working so I simply unplugged the fan and lay back down. As soon as I lay down, a really strong wind blew through my bedroom window. I laughed about the breeze because I couldn’t understand how the curtains moved without any wind to move them at all, let alone a wind that was so strong that it moved two panels of curtains and placed them on top of the bar”. 

At that point, I knew exactly what was going on.  I wrote her a private Face Book message.

“It sounds to me like you have an entity in your house. Where the entity came from is often irrelevant. I do this type of energy clearing often and have great success doing it long distance. It is my belief that you can’t believe in one form of energy and not the other. This is not about your belief in the divine or in the meditation work that you are doing. This happens to lots of people and it’s because we do energy work and we are working on trying to up-lift ourselves metaphysically, to higher consciousness. There is no need to doubt or lay blame on yourself.

If you have an entity in your house you don’t need to just live with it. It shouldn’t be there. It belongs in God’s light. Entities are different from Spiritual Guides and beings that come to you from the other side. The difference is that Spirit Guides always make you feel loved and comforted. These types of entities always make you feel fearful and uneasy.

Would you like me to clear up this entity for you? I would request your permission to do so. Let me know”.

I began the clearing work.  Because we are working with energy, long-distance energy work can be very much the same as doing the work in my own backyard.  Energy is energy, no matter where you are in this world.  These were my findings:

“I have done the clearing work and would appreciate if you would let me know if all is well over the next couple of days. This is what I was told during my session.

Christmas tree redThis was a 9 year old boy who died around Christmas time in 1960. He didn’t go to the light because his death happened so fast that he was confused. He went home to see if he could find his parents but couldn’t. He’s been wandering ever since. He came attached to the tree because he liked the lights on it. He likes shiny things. He really liked the boat which is why he took it down from the cupboard. He said that he was given a compass and likes to use it. He also said that he didn’t realize that he was disturbing you by moving the things in your house. He was happy to go into the light. He saw his dog there – I guess his dog came to greet him and take him home”.

More insights came pouring in.  My colleague told me that she had brought her Christmas tree home after lending it to a friend who owned a restaurant.  The boy must have attached himself to the tree because of the shiny lights.  She had actually had a conversation with her mother, telling her Mom that she had re-positioned the tree three times because it seemed to always be on a slant.  She also said her hairbrush had a gel, glow-in-the-dark handle which could explain why our little guy liked it so much. There was also mention that she felt uncomfortable in her house and couldn’t understand why, that if it was her spiritual guides, they didn’t make themselves known to her.

This was her response the following day….

“Wow! I am so happy that you were able to see the boy! How precious! That probably isn’t the proper response but I am so happy you could help! You are most inspiring and an incredible soul! Thank you so much! The house feels very different! I let my Schnauzer in the house today. He seemed fine in all of the rooms so I think things are okay.  I do believe you corrected the energy. 

I am happy he is home! That is wonderful! I can’t imagine losing my son at 9 years of age. I am happy he enjoyed the lights on the tree and that he liked the boat. I am glad he is okay and in a place and space that he needs to be in. Thank you again and so much for your love. I cannot express my gratitude for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Reflection notes:

  • This “ghost busting” work is so fulfilling. I really love doing it.  In the end, everyone is happy.  It truly is heartfelt and loving work.
  • If your guides are present, it is often the case that they will let you know, metaphysically, you are not alone by sharing incredibly beautiful love energy.
  • An entity in your house causes a wide range of feelings from uneasiness to downright fear.
  • Long-distance healing and energy work is absolutely possible and effective.
  • Entities can attach themselves to objects and as the object is moved around in our physical world, they follow the object.  Through no fault of your own, you can bring these objects into your home.  That’s when clearing needs to be done.
  • Most entities are harmless and don’t like to hear that they are disturbing anyone with their presence.
  • Because entities are energy beings, they can learn to manipulate other forms of energy and cause objects to move.
  • Entities need to cross over to the other side.  When they are disembodied they can still feel and act on a wide range of emotions including emotional pain.  When they cross over, they are free from those earth-bound feelings.  They heal and their souls become whole again.  Sending them into the light is the right thing to do.
  •  If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  You are not crazy and you will not be judged.  Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.Light heart on rustic wooden background

Acknowledgements:  Dr. Lisa J. Metaphysical Doctor, for her tenacity, her trust and her permission to do the work that I love.  I also truly appreciate her sending actual pictures of the event.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You are not crazy and you will not be judged. Your house belongs to you and you deserve to live there in peace, love and harmony.