Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really have a ghost in my house…or Am I going crazy?

It’s very difficult to think that you are not going crazy when you sit down in your house to have a cup of tea at the end of a perfectly good day and all you feel is negative and depressed. Or, when your kids wake up screaming from so called nightmares every night at 3:00 am, or, when your pet refuses to go up the stairs and just stands at the bottom, barking. Worse yet, you feel like you don’t even want to change your clothes because someone’s watching!

Rest assured, you are not crazy nor are you going crazy.

These are all symptoms of having a Ghost in your house. Ghosts and Entities are very real. They don’t belong in your house or your surroundings. It’s best to get a professional like me, to come and help them cross over into the Light. Then you can have peace of mind while you enjoy your quiet, comfy home, once again.

What’s happening to me, my family and my pets?

You may be experiencing some energy in your house that doesn’t belong there or doesn’t serve your best and highest good. Sometimes energy gets stuck, almost like pockets, and because those pockets are strong and heavy they’re hard to get rid of.

You and your family are susceptible to feeling and acting on that heaviness. You might find yourself feeling tired all the time, or worse, depressed, in your own home. It’s a reaction to that stuck, heavy, negative energy.

Your pet’s eye sight is different than ours. They can see Ghosts and shifts in energy. It makes them uneasy so you might notice some changes in their behaviour like barking or scratching at the wall when, seemingly, there isn’t anything there. Pet behaviours are always good indicators that there is Ghost activity going on in your house.

Are Long-Distance (remote) services available?

My services are also available long-distance and Internationally. I work with energy so, even if you live in a different city, province, state or country, this work is equally as effective and can be started simply by sending an email, making a phone call or over Skype.

Can you remove Ghosts, Entities and Negative Energy from my Workplace?

Absolutely! Office buildings can be very susceptible to Energetic activity of all kinds. It doesn’t matter where you work, whether it’s in an office building, a renovated house, a farmyard barn or in a business complex. A Ghost’s energy can influence you and your co-workers. Indicators might include that your paperwork has been moved or gone missing. You might feel overly tired and cranky all day long or you notice the negativity levels at staff meetings seems to be growing for no apparent reason.

One of the worst things that happen in office buildings is the old, negative, stale energy that keeps hanging around. For example, let’s say that a manager who was still in charge, had given notice to leave the company. Before their departure they didn’t think twice about talking badly about the company or the management style. That person always seemed angry and upset. This type of bad energy stays in the board room or office space, and can cause a decrease in productivity or creativity.

This energy can be cleared up very easily through the clearing process. Wouldn’t you love to walk into your workplace sensing Light, Fresh and Happy energy!

Why is the Ghost in my house? How did it get there?

There are many reasons why the Ghost has found its way into your house. Some common reasons are that they used to live on your land or they have attached themselves to items that you bring into your house. Or they attach themselves to your energy and get in that way. Renovations can disturb the current energy in your house and can cause Ghosts or Entities to suddenly surface.

The only way to really know why, is to ask them. I usually have a conversation with them while in the clearing process. This can help all of us get answers to those curious questions.

What do they want?

Actually, they may not want anything except a place to hang-out. In my experience, most Ghosts don’t know they are disturbing or scaring you and when they find out, they are quite apologetic.

In some instances, they like your energy or the energy of your house so they stay because it seems like a good environment for them. It might also be a familiar place to them. Rather than crossing over, Ghosts tend to return to places that they know or that feel familiar to them. Your house may be that place.

We will be able to ask them what they want during the clearing process. This is a very common question I make sure to cover.

Who are they?

Ghosts are as diverse as living people. They could be a former owner of the house (or land) that you live in, or a house maid that once worked there. They can also be animals like the family pet or a deer. They could be anyone or anything in-between. The only way to truly know is by asking them who they are and why they are in your house.

I always have a conversation with them before they cross over. It helps them, when they get to tell their story, and it helps us make some sense out of what’s been happening.

Is this my dearly departed Grandmother?

Your Grandmother and other loved ones who have departed, are certainly able and willing to come around for a visit, from the other side. It’s important to understand the differences in how you feel.

Loved ones are just that. When they come around, you get a feeling of Love and Peace all around you. You will feel cared for and protected.

When there’s a Ghost in your house you “feel” differently. You might feel heavy, unhappy energy or you might be scared. You could also feel agitated, negative and be prone to picking a fight with your partner or roommate for no good reason.

That’s when you need to call me!

Should I feel scared? Is there anything to really be afraid of?

I understand the fear of feeling that you are not alone in your own home. You don’t even want to change your clothes because you think you’re being watched. The anxiety mounts and you don’t even want to be in your own home anymore. You certainly don’t want to be there by yourself!

Please try to remember that if you’re not being physically harmed, chances are very good that they don’t mean you any.

The best thing to do is to call in a professional, like me. The Ghost can be rescued and sent to the Light and you can have your own peaceful, loving and quiet living space back.

Why is this happening to me? Did I make this happen somehow?

You didn’t “do” anything or encourage this. Sometimes it just happens. Many people experience Ghosts and Entities in their lives. Many people don’t know what’s happening, they just know that something feels wrong.

We are all energy beings. It might be that you have a lovely, positive energy about you. Good for you for carrying this kind of energy with you on a daily basis. This positive energy is attractive to Ghosts because it’s so pure.

You deserve to feel safe, warm and comfortable. The Ghost deserves to cross over and go home. Give me a call and together, we can make this happen for both of you.

Can I do it myself – or do I need to call a professional?

You can search Google for lots of ideas about how to remove ghosts and entities yourself. However, in my experience, these tend not to be effective.

If the methods you use fail… please call me. We can have your space cleared up for you in no time.

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