As a professional Ghost Buster, this is a question that comes my way often. Terminology can be difficult to sort out.  Here’s my terminology and explanation:

Spirits make us feel good when they visit

Spirit of Grandma (2)A Spirit is the soul of a person who was alive, lived their life – either richly or poorly – and died.  When they died, they saw the most beautiful White Light they’d ever seen, were mesmerized and energized by its beauty and followed it Home, to the Other Side.  Once safely on the Other Side any unhappiness, health issues, injuries or emotional baggage is instantaneously resolved.  They now live in a place of emotional and spiritual bliss.

Spirits on the Other Side are unobstructed by earthly limitations.  When they come to visit us (and they do freely) they come in forms that are familiar to us because they want us to know who they are.  Their presence is kind, supportive and full of Love.  They will often leave things for us to find.  I call them Pennies from Heaven – a feather, a coin, buttons, a scent, repeated number sequences.  One woman reported seeing two racoons every night for a week after her parents died and a man constantly saw birds flying towards or by him.

Ghosts can be miserable and often scary

horse_orb_04920-480x360-xl (2)A Ghost is the soul of a person (or animal) who used to be a flesh and blood being, like us.  Upon their death, they did not go into the Light.  For their own reasons, (and there is always a reason), they stayed behind and became a disembodied soul.  This can be a rough place to be.

catfish-plantation-apparition-ghost-picture-2015b-xl (3)

Because they are between this physical world and the Other Side, they carry with them all of the dis-“ease” they felt when they were alive – anger; fear; mental illness; addictions.  Without their bodies, they have nothing to temper these emotions or illnesses with.  It can be quite sad really.  It can be a very disturbing and trying time for both them and us, who have them in our houses.  Most are truly sorry when they find out their behaviour is upsetting.  Ghosts can be seen and felt, on a more regular basis, by people who have more finely tuned physical senses.

Entities wreak havoc and enjoy it

Ghost Story 2 (2)An Entity is a being that has been created, from the accumulation of constant negative thinking, negative energy and fear.  They go along their merry way gathering as much negative energy as they can.  They get stronger over time and they become independent of the original source that created them.  They are mischievous in nature, hard to control and even harder to get rid of.

They often change shapes and they are hard to find except when they want to disturb you and your family.  They are the ones who will relentlessly poke at the cat and pull your daughter’s pig-tails, just for the fun of it!  They don’t care if they are disturbing you and they are not the least bit sorry for it.

One Entity I came across was asked why he was wreaking so much havoc.  I heard strongly and clearly, “Because I can!” followed by gales of laughter.  Another one was destructive in the home.  It ruined a Family Portrait by poking holes in the eyes of all the family members.

Your friendly neighbourhood Ghost Buster

I have a calling.  I have been blessed with the incredible gift of rescuing wayward Ghosts and Entities to Cross Over.  They don’t belong here on earth with us.  They belong in the Light where they can transform, heal and thrive.

It is a true privilege to perform House Clearings.  While in the clearing process, I show Ghosts into the light and I always check carefully for any Entities that might be hiding in your house.  We don’t want to leave any of those behind.

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Lights, Camera… Action!!

During a trip to the Graveyard, armed with my trusty flashlight, camera and a friend (it’s important to have a friend with you), I ran into a Ghost.  I asked him to let us know if he was there by turning on the flashlight – and IT TURNED ON!  Then I asked if he was strong enough to materialize.  These Orbs are the result.

Graveyard Asking Questions3 (2)                            Graveyard Asking Strong (2)                          Graveyard Two Orbs (3)

1)Asking a Ghost to communicate:       2) Getting a Yes answer from a Ghost:       3) Orbs close to my coat:

Graveyard Two Orbs (2)

Close-up of the Orbs:

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