Curse of the Ex

Many years ago there was a young, beautiful newly-wed named Lily, living in a South Asian country.  Lily had only been married just a few short years and she was beginning to establish herself as an independent woman and settling into her new life as a wife.  For all intents and purposes, she was very happy and, happily married.

One day Lily had, what she thought was, an innocent encounter with a handsome fellow named Jordy, from a neighbouring village.  The encounter was brief but very impactful for Jordy.  He made it his purpose to run into her, time and time again.  He had Voodoo on his mind.


Practicing Voodoo…


After a time, Jordy began to speak openly with Lily and when she dismissed his advances, he became agitated.  He started scaring her when he told her that she would leave her husband.  She didn’t believe him but found herself in situations where her and her husband started arguing, for no apparent reason.  Life became difficult and strained between Lily and her husband.  All the while, Jordy seemed to show up, in the most unusual places.  He began to plant seeds by continuing to tell Lily that she would leave her husband and be with him.  As he said his words, he would touch her elbow or her shoulder.  He would also find ways to shake her hand and then blow his breath over the handshake.  Jordy learned and practiced the Voodoo of his village.


He scared them…


Sure enough.  Lily’s marriage ended and the next thing her family knew, she and Jordy were getting married.  Lily, Jordy and Lily’s extended family moved to Canada to start a new life, and they had a daughter together named Tia.  Lily’s family knew that she shouldn’t have married Jordy.  They were cautious around him.  They didn’t trust him.  He was their son-in-law but he scared them.

The marriage obviously ended.  Jordy was so manipulative and had such dark energy that Lily (now mid 30’s) finally made the break.  Her family helped and stood behind her.  The family took Tia in and helped to raise her.  Tia still lives in her Grandparents home to this day.

The now Ex-husband Jordy, was furious!  He told Lily that he would “get her back” for leaving him and he told the Grandparents that he would make their lives miserable.  He was furious because he lost the game.   It wasn’t that he was so in love with Lily but that she was like a prize to be won.  Competition is very strong in this man and when Lily left him, he perceived it as a loss.  Jordy was out for Voodoo revenge.


Grandma got hit by a car!


A series of incidents happened.  Grandma was walking across the street and was hit by a car.  On another day, their son Edwin had seen Jordy and shook his hand.  That night Edwin was frightened half to death and right out of his bed because the entity of a large cat, the size of a jaguar, jumped on him.  Edwin refused to sleep in that room again.


12 years ago…


The worst happened after Jordy made a visit to the grandparent’s home bringing a dish of food that he knew everyone would love and would want to eat.  Grandfather warned everyone not to eat it.  His intuition was telling him that the food was laced with Voodoo.  But it looked and smelled delicious.  Surely Jordy wouldn’t do anything to this family who was caring for his only child.  Surely this food was safe to eat – wasn’t it?  They ate it.


Despair and Medical Problems…


Every person in this family became sick, except for Tia.  Grandma’s blood pressure shoot through the roof and she has difficulty controlling it with medication.  Grandpa got diabetes and has to be very careful with everything that he eats.  Their youngest daughter developed a serious and chronic stomach problem.  Edwin became angry and argumentative.  He stopped believing in God and yells at his parents every time they speak of their religion.  Edwin even changed his name telling his father that he wanted nothing to do with their family name ever again.  Not to mention that this entire family fell into financial difficulty and they struggle to this day.  Lily has remarried and is starting to have marital problems with her new husband.


Vanquishing the Curse of the Ex…

Last week, Lily’s father contacted me to do a house clearing.  After telling me his story it became clear to me that the Curse of the Ex had to be dealt with.  We made plans to meet as soon as possible and I went to work.

While in my meditation, I was able to see the large black cat Entity that was still residing in the bedroom.  To my surprise I also found 3 Avatars.  Avatars, are human-created energy beings like entities.  Left unattended they can take on a life of their own.  Jordy left them in the house (or sent them there) to keep an eye on things – sort of like a spy.  These particular Avatars didn’t have any powers and didn’t wreak havoc with the family; they were just there – watching.  Grandma saw them regularly, out of the corner of her eye, and thought she had ghosts in the house.



I found it relatively easy to clear these Entities which suggested to me that the original power used to create them had faded, almost as if they had not been attended to by their creator – Jordy. Or, the energy they had been created with wasn’t as strong as we had all thought it was.  While still in meditation I psychically asked for clarity.   The message was loud and clear.  Jordy just wasn’t as powerful as he (or the family) thought he was.  His skills were old and he relied on long-ago memories of teachings from his country of origin.


Relief at last…

I moved on to clear a considerable amount of negative energy and the curse, from the whole house and then I did personal clearing for each member of the family.  During our debriefing session, I was able to explain what I saw during the clearing process.  The family was delighted to hear that Jordy wasn’t as powerful as they all thought he was.  There was an immediate sense of relief.  Then, they started telling me about how light they were feeling.  They were feeling really refreshed and at peace.  There was also a comment about how bright it had suddenly gotten in the house – just like when they first moved in.  I even noticed that the pot lights in the dining room were almost too bright for me to look at.  This living space had returned to its former glory with balanced and positive energy.







  • Voodoo is a powerful tool and, in some places it’s considered a religion.  The religion is quite similar to paganism because it is older than Christianity.  (Horrible things have been done in the name of Christianity too.) It is used for both positive and negative results.  Be careful not to judge it, or the person using it, too quickly.  It’s only a tool.  Each person has their own choice as to how they are going to use it.  Watch the behaviour, don’t listen to the words.
  • Entities are energy beings that did not live in a human body and did not have a soul.  They are created from strong emotions, often negative, like anger, revenge and jealousy.
  • Anyone can throw negative energy around and create pockets that are hard to get rid of – not just people who practice energy work like Voodoo
  • Fear feeds negative energy.  In this case, because the family felt strongly that Jordy was very powerful, their fear fueled his negative energy work to make it stronger than it actually was.  There is no blame here, this family had no way of knowing.
  • Choosing to play with the Dark Arts comes at a tremendous cost.  That person needs to drain their own personal energy, constantly and continuously with negative thoughts and emotions in order to keep that curse strong.  This is no way to live!  Choose the Light.  Choose Love.  They will forever replenish you.
  • Good, will ALWAYS prevail over evil.  Light, will ALWAYS prevail over darkness.  Love, will ALWAYS prevail over hatred.
  • Do your best to keep fear at bay.
  • Let your Love shine through.


Don’t wait 12 years to get these issued cleared up.  Life is too short to be plagued with discomfort and curses.

Contact me today for an appointment that will change your life.






4 responses to “Curse of the Ex”

  1. Krista Brown Avatar
    Krista Brown

    Wow! This family must be so relieved and grateful after 12 long years. How fortunate they found you!

    1. Jayne Avatar

      I’m so pleased to report how well this family is doing since their house got cleared. I loved working with them and wish them many blessings of positive energy in their lives.

  2. Amanda Avatar

    Wise observation that the family had seen him as more powerful and therefore he was more powerful. Happens with many things in life. If that is your reality then it becomes the reality.
    I like the fact that we are not forced to live under these negative forces. We do have a choice. We can restore balance. We can walk in the light.

    1. Jayne Avatar

      It’s easy to give your power away when you don’t have all the information. I’m so thankful that I could help this family understand the extent of the Voodoo intensity. And, I completely agree that we never have to live in negativity. We do have a choice and we can live in the Light. Thank you so much for your comments.

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