Apparition at 0-400! A House Clearing Case Study

In a Nut Shell:

Blog - Footsteps on Stairs (2)As if it wasn’t bad enough to hear footsteps upstairs when they were downstairs watching TV, their physical energy seemed to be diminishing as well.  The clincher was the sight of a full blown Apparition spotted at 4:00 am in the middle of the kitchen.

It was time to start talking about it, (with anyone who would listen), and to find a Ghost Buster!

Ever since the clearing session, there has been a lighter feeling in their house.  The family interactions and individual experiences within the house have been positive and uplifting.  This family are all peacefully residing together now.

Here’s what happened – the details…

We found a quiet place to sit down and chat about the experiences in my client’s 1930’s home.  She, her husband and her adult son live there currently, and before that her mother, who was gravely ill, lived with this family until her death, only 7 months prior.  Tragedy stuck twice to this family.  Only 2 days before her Mom died, my client’s nephew also died.

House Clearing = A pick-me-up

Both deaths were shocking to my client but devastating to her Brother – the father of her nephew.  She had spent many hours trying to comfort and console her brother, while, at the same time, dealing with some health issues belonging to both her and her husband.  She told me that she was experiencing very low physical energy.  She is used to going to the gym but just can’t find the strength to do it now.

“I am currently dealing with low energy but am determined to get back to regular workouts and hoping this house clearing will help that improve.  You felt that it would be helpful for my adult son to have this clearing done, as well as possibly improve my husband’s health if this clearing is done…perhaps it may help with my energy as well…I would be very happy if it did.”                                 

Ghost Alert in the Kitchen!Blog - 1930 Business Man (2)

Recently my client’s husband came to her, wide-eyed and with a story that they both were amazed by.  He had seen a Ghost in their kitchen!  He saw a full blown apparition, dressed in a business suite, carrying a brief case and heading out the door.  If he was a sceptic before, he certainly wasn’t any more.

Having a Ghostly presence in the house and some really stuck negative energy might explain some of the reasons why the current health issues continued on and why there was such a lack of physical energy with everyone who lives there.

“We have been hearing sounds of footsteps upstairs when we are down watching TV, but my husband first actually saw a male entity at 4 am about a week or so ago.”

After consulting with her family, we arrange to meet and do a House Clearing session.

Then what happened?

Blog - Taking NotesMy client is quite well versed in the subject of spiritualism so this clearing session got underway quickly.  She gave me a tour through her beautiful home, with me feeling the energy in every corner.

Neither Here nor There – literally

“I know that we are energy beings and that some souls get stuck in this plane once the death of their body has occurred.  I truly believe in the service you would be providing not only to us but also to this spirit who is also residing here.  I really don’t know if there is more than one here or not.”

We finally settled down in the living room, where the pocket of negative energy was the strongest.  These pockets are called Imprints.  I wasn’t sure why there was such a strong imprint in this area but I was about to find out.

Conversations with a real live Ghost

Normally during my clearing sessions, I do a quiet meditation and when the clearing is done, I explain my findings.  However, this one was a little different.  We agreed that I would speak out loud and she would take notes.  This is the actual account of what happened during my conversation with her Ghost.  His responses are in Italics:

  • What is your name?  (Herman).
  • Let him know that he was seen and it appeared he was on his way to work.
  • Was asked what kind of work he did?  (Businessman).
  • What kind of Businessman? (Administrative work…Post-Office??…wearing a white shirt with the black arm band to keep sleeves up from getting dirty).  Further clarification seemed that it was more likely City Planning that he was involved in.
  • (Advised he worked alone.  It was a job with a lot of responsibility.  He was organized.)
  • Was asked what his connection was to the house?  (He was the landowner – he did not build the house but had it built for him).
  • Was asked what age he was (He was around 22 when it was built…he was considered old at 22 for building a home).
  • Was asked if he had a family? (He was married – his wife’s name was Marlene – she was sad because of two miscarriages she had and they never did have children as she could not carry a child).
  • Was there farming land here?  (No – he was involved in a new plan or vision for development and said it was part of his job).
  • Was asked what year he died? (He died in 1949 of lung cancer caused by asbestos).
  • Was asked if he died in the house or was taken to hospital?  (He was taken to the hospital and stayed there for 6-7 months and died in hospital).
  • Was asked why he was staying with the house and not passing over into the Light? (He said the development of this area was his vision for the future, and he said that there were others who were wanting to take credit for the idea – he said it would have meant good money for him as a developer).
  • Herman was then advised that the house was in good hands with the current homeowners, and they were taking good care of the house and that he did not have to worry about it anymore.  Herman was then asked if he was ready to go to the Light. (Herman said, yes, that he was ready).
  • You then described Herman reuniting with his wife and you could see them hugging, and then suddenly you could see his Mother there with them as well.

That’s when I started to cry!  The reunion between Herman, his wife and then his mother was so sweet, gentle and joyous that I was overcome with emotion.  Herman was a good man while he lived on earth and his homecoming, to the other side, was so very welcomed.

Mom “popped by” for a visit

Then something quite unexpected happened.  While I was in my meditative state, we received a visitation from my client’s Mother.  This was her message – from the Other Side:

  • My Mom then connected with you and shared some messages.
  • Mom said she has been leaving signs or providing signs for my brother, but he has not been picking up on them, even though he asks her for them all the time.
  • You’re not sure what kind of signs.
  • Mom shared that my brother’s son (who passed two days before my Mom did) was with her on the Other Side.
  • She wanted me to tell my brother that he is very happy, very busy and has lots of friends – he goes to hear lectures and goes to the Great Hall to read all of the time and she always checks in on him.
  • He is doing very well and has a big, loving heart.
  • His passing over was a fulfilment of karma – it was his time to exit.

Both my client and I were thrilled that her Mom did such an amazing job of coming through.  Her kind and loving message touched us both.

Clean-up in middle aisle

Blog - bathroomThere was a large pocket of Imprinted Energy, heavy and dense, that went up from the basement, through the living room and into the attic upstairs.  This was the area where the washroom (or water closest) used to be.  It was time to get this energy cleared up.  Here’s the account of the clearing, from my clients notes:

“You had picked up on a heavy energy in the N/E corner area of the house – you could feel it on all three levels.  You received a ‘knowing’ that there was an outhouse at this corner of the property and you could read/see blood, and felt that it was most likely Marlene having her two miscarriages in the outhouse, as well as you got a sense that Herman was also sick in the outhouse and spitting up blood, likely due to his lung cancer.  All of this would have accounted for the heavy energy you picked up on.”

Divine Shield of White Light

Once that was cleared, I asked for Divine White Light protection to surround the house – every entrance and all windows and doors – so that only those who came there, for this family’s best and highest good, could enter their space.  We both went through the house with Sage and Sweetgrass.

And the clearing was complete!

….and in the end:

Two days had gone by since the Clearing and I received an email from my client.  She had been able to visit with her brother and give him the loving message their Mom so eloquently spoke through me, during our session.  Here’s what she wrote:

Mom’s Message Confirmed!

Blog - Message from Mom

“Our time with you provided clarity and answered curiosities we had about the beginnings of our home – it resonated with me and that is the long and short of it.

You gave my brother and I an amazing Gift when you relayed a message from our Mom.  It brought tears of joy and connection for both my brother and I, at a time when he really needed it the most.  He said it spoke such “truth” to him when Mom said “Your son is reading a lot – he spends a lot of time reading in the Great Hall”.  He knew this was truth because apparently reading was one of his son’s favourite pastimes – I did not know that about my nephew.

You spoke about Mom saying she was sending signs to my brother and that he was not “noticing” them.  Once I shared that with him, he thought for a moment and suddenly the “light” went on.  He could now clearly see the signs and they were all via “birds”.  Of late he noticed several bird species behaving in an unusual way.

  • An Eagle came swooping down into the space between all the high-rises and hovered in front of him almost, within what felt like, touching distance
  • He heard a BANG on the window. He opened the blinds thinking he would find an injured bird but did not
  • He and his wife noticed a Hummingbird hovering and looking right at them, as they sat on their balcony. It made such an impression that she bought him a stained glass Hummingbird to hang in the window

So, as we were talking about it we just got into some great laughs.  We imagined what Mom must have been saying to herself whilst trying to get his attention – something like – “WHAT DOES A BIRD  HAVE TO DO TO GET YOUR ATTENTION…KILL HERSELF???!!!”, as she flung herself against a window with the blinds closed.

Blog - HummingbirdI told my brother that I’m always praying to Mom and his son, to watch over him and help him where I can’t.  At that point we went from killing ourselves laughing into straight out tears, but with smiles.  It was so good Jayne.  THANK YOU so much for everything that you did for us.”



  • Anything can happen during a House Clearing session. Most certainly your Ghost will be shown into the Light and any negative energy Imprints will be cleared.  Sometimes you might receive a message from a loved one, for the other side or get a psychic message intended for your wellbeing.  (Learn More in this Blog)
  • I don’t always get the information I ask for. For example, I asked Mom what signs she was sending to her son and was not given an answer.  As their story unfolded, you too can see that the two siblings were to discover the answers for themselves.  The answer brought them even closer together.
  • Spirits from the Other Side are anxious for us to recognize them and for us to know who they are so they will often leave familiar “things” for us to find, to let us know that they are with us and watching over us. (Learn More in this Blog)
  • We are very busy on the Other Side. There are so many things to do like reading records in the Great Hall (sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records), learning and growing spiritually.
  • It’s always an amazing privilege for me to assist in a Sprite Rescue like Herman’s and to receive the gift of a message from a loved one. I am truly blessed to be able to help others in this way.
  • So grateful to my client for taking such detailed notes. Thank You!

It’s a Beautiful thing in the Neighbourhood

“I have to say, with ALL honestly, that there is a beautiful, comfortable energy in our home since you did the clearing for us.  It is so interesting because it is almost like all three of us are on our own individual journeys, but also within the dynamics of being a family.

To be able to assist “Herman” to make the transition to be once again with his wife and family – that was a beautiful thing.  It was such a gift to be a part of that experience and your face showed the truth of it all.” ~Khris K.~

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