A Curse, Lung Disease and Buried Alive – A Ghost Story from my Files

The U.K. – As old as the Ghosts who roam there. 

It was first thing in the morning as I was sitting down to check my emails and start my day.  An email from London, England was waiting to be opened.  I was instantly excited to hear from a client in this country. 

England’s history goes back as far as I can fathom with a Ghost history as old as the country itself.  I never quite know what I will find when doing a House Clearing in the U.K. but I was definitely intrigued and ready for this new challenge. 

Here is the actual account of our communications – from a rocky beginning, to a much happier ending:     

Initial Contact: 

“Hi, I have a home with an annex attached to it.  I work in the annex but my business has started to fall apart and money goes out and doesn’t come in. I attract very negative clients that won’t pay and mess me about. When the annex was a home, there was an unhappy family in there that ended in a divorce.  I think it might also be something going on with the land.

We live in my partner’s family home and his great granddad built it. 

There is a room in my home I can’t go into.  It was my partner’s, parent’s bedroom. We don’t speak in the house and we don’t sleep together. We would like a child but with this going on, how can that happen?  We are only happy when we are on holiday or away from the house.

He won’t move and although he knows how I feel and that I can’t sleep, I’m not sure he actually gets it. His sister lives next door and I am convinced she has put some curse on the house as well. She is a control person.  She is on the mortgage for the annex and wouldn’t get off. I bought it off my partner. Whenever his sister is involved in anything, everything takes forever or goes wrong.  So with a curse and ghosts and bad energy, we have a very difficult situation.  Please help.  This would need to be done remotely as I am UK based. Thanks.”

Initial Response:

It definitely seems like you have something in your house.  The fact that you can’t go into one of the rooms and that you are only happy when you both leave the house.  What’s wrong with that room?  Why can’t you go in it?

Concerned about your Business
Is your partner’s sister against your marriage?  Did she ever live in this part of the house?  It also sounds like whatever is going on is attached to the family – your partner included.  Especially if he knows how uncomfortable you are and won’t move.  I am concerned about your business and the negative clients coming your way.  This could be because there is negative energy in the annex.  The couple who fought all the time and divorced could have been caught up in the negative energy themselves.

Initial Feedback:

I never thought of his sister being against our marriage – good question.  We are not married yet as I won’t until this is sorted. But the sister did play apart in my partner’s divorce which was long before I met him and at our engagement party she refused to join in or talk to my family.  She also had coffee with my partner’s ex-wife and discussed our party before she came.  The annex is where my partner lived with his 3 boys and divorced, and I feel they left a pile of negative energy behind and now his older son always acts as if he owns the place, when he comes around, which is hardly ever. 

I never thought of his sister being against our marriage – good question.  We are not married yet as I won’t until this is sorted. But the sister did play apart in my partner’s divorce which was long before I met him and at our engagement party she refused to join in or talk to my family.  She also had coffee with my partner’s ex-wife and discussed our party before she came.  The annex is where my partner lived with his 3 boys and divorced, and I feel they left a pile of negative energy behind and now his older son always acts as if he owns the place, when he comes around, which is hardly ever. 

Yes the sister grew up in the main house with my partner and their mum and dad and now she lives next door – we are in the middle.

I’m not sure why I can’t go in the room – I have sat with it and only come up with the possibility of his mum or grandma in there and screaming at me to leave but that’s all I get.

The business situation is not good.  I had to let the people working with me go as they were telling the clients to leave and were arguing with them.  I now think they were being affected by the negative energy in the annex.

Lots going on!  Looking forward to working with you.

First Clearing:  After a Skype consultation

I was able to start your clearing tonight.  There are many components to the work that needs to be done, so will need to work in sections.

Caught in his own lies 

I thought I would start with the curse on your house/land.  You will remember me talking about the Developer banging his shovel into the ground (seen psychically during the Skype call).  While working on your Clearing, I saw the developer being murdered by your partner’s Great Grandfather – or someone he told to do it.  Great Grandfather was in a mess financially.  He was way over extended, financially.  He had promised money to many people and didn’t have the money to pay in the end, and couldn’t confess this to anyone.  He felt he had no other choice.  He got caught in his own anxiety about the house and debts.  The Developer was shot and then buried next to the house.  The Developer told me he died in 1742.  His name was Archibald Kimble.   

It was hard to convince Archibald to cross over.  He felt that he still needed to protect his land and that no one had actually paid for the house.  He put a curse on the house and all the family members, around not getting money to come in to the household.  I told him that you and your partner had nothing to do with the transaction, that many years ago.  I told him that you always pay your bills and would never do that to someone.  He seemed to be satisfied and he went into the light.  He was greeted by his wife and oldest son.  It was a happy reunion and he was grateful to be with them.   

The curse came in layers

I then worked on the curse.  I found 3 layers, sort of like elastic bands around the house.  I asked that they be neutralized, pulled and released.  I witnessed all of them going, one by one.  

I will continue the clearing tomorrow and, if need be, the next day.  I will send you the results as I get them. 

First Feedback: after Initial Clearing

Totally amazing – all makes sense.

My partner is having trouble getting hold of architects at the moment – so this explains it.  The money issues are similar to my father’s story with getting into debt and that was why I was always very careful.  Debts and the flow of money, and promises, and spending.  I have seen these things happen here in this house very clearly, with my partner, me, my business and my partner’s family – so it all makes perfect sense.

Last night – I had a dream and had not dreamed for ages. I was at a holiday park with some dear old friends but there was a problem with my ears and they were deeply blocked, I woke up knowing my Spiritual gifts had been taken from me at some point and I could feel the frustration. With your email – it made sense as to why my psychic visions were less clear than when I was younger.

My energy is much better since speaking to you.  I feel like all is back on track.  My business has now changed its name and I have had loads of likes in the new Facebook group.  The parents are starting to communicate a little better and more positively.  Although I don’t have any new clients at the moment I am not so worried as I feel that all is now going to fall into place nicely and they will come.

It will be interesting to hear what comes up today (or with the time difference tomorrow).

Thank you Jayne, so grateful for your work and so wonderful to meet you.

Second Clearing:

Hi:  Your clearing has been done.  As suspected, there was quite a bit more to do.  I found 2 Ghosts and 2 Entities.  In my work, I have also come across what I call Greys.  Greys are energy forms that are neither good nor bad they just are.   They are not good to have around because they are energy beings that take our energy, so they need to be cleared as well. 

Curse is Gone!!

Here’s what happened:  The first thing I did was follow-up on the curse of the finances and the land that I did the other day.  It was gone but I asked to have any residual energy from it neutralized again and sent to the Creator for transformation.  That was done easily.

She fought him off and got killed

Then I went to the room that you can’t go in.   There was a terrible history in that room.  I found Mary, the first Ghost there.  She said she died in 1801.  She was young (about 14 years old) from Scotland.  She came to work in the house as a servant.  She was subjected to some very harsh sexual practices and beaten in that room.  She kept telling me it was from “the brother”, “the brother”.  I can’t understand whose brother it would have been.  It may have been Great Grandfather’s brother-in-Law.  After all Great Grandfather would likely have married someone and probably had a child from that union.  Anyway, Mary became pregnant but was killed by this “brother” before she had the baby. Both she and the baby within her, died.  I asked her why she didn’t go to the light.  She said that she was ashamed because she didn’t do as she was told.  She should not have been alone with him and she should have given into his wishes.  Instead she fought him off and got killed.  She is safely in the Light now and was greeted by her Mother. 

I took copious amounts of dark, negative energy out of that room and filled it with Divine Light.  I also put Green Light for healing in that room.  I will be interested to know how that room feels to you now. 

He was buried alive

The next Ghost I found was a guy who called himself Patrick Duff.  He said he came to the house very poor, down and out and sickly.  He asked to do barn chores for money but got sicker and sicker.  He had a lung disease like cystic fibrosis, (in hind sight, maybe black-lung from the burning coal).  I believe that he is the one that also brought a lack of abundance and financial concern into your home.  One day he collapsed and they thought he was dead so they buried him.  Unfortunately he wasn’t quite dead so he got buried alive.  He died shortly after that but did not cross over.  He told me he was still fighting his illness so he didn’t want to go to the light.  He has safely crossed-over now and was met lovingly by his girlfriend (or perhaps wife).  He was so pleased to see her. 

An Entity created by angst and worry

The first Entity I found was in your Sister-in-Law’s house, in her kitchen.   I was told that this energy reflected angst and worry.   So, it has been building on these emotions for years and your sister-in-law is feeding it too.  It was vanquished to the Creator for transformation.  I found a second one as well.  This one was not as strong.  It has also been vanquished and sent to the Creator.  They won’t be bothering you again. 

A personal Energy Clearing for the family

Then I did personal clearing on all of you – you, your partner and your sister-in-law.  I asked to have any energy that did not belong to any of you, pulled and released immediately and to have Unconditional Love, Kindness, Peace and Compassion downloaded into all of you.  I witnessed this take place.  How are you feeling? 

I found a Grey attached to your sister-in-law.  Is she, or was she, experiencing pain in her stomach area?  The grey was pulled and released from there.  Almost as if she has digestion issues or gallbladder problems.  I hope she is feeling much better now.  I was told that she could stand to eat a better diet. 

Nervousness and anxiety from the Students

I then did a full house clearing for Pockets of Negative Energy.  There was so much stuck in walls and fibers of this old house – accumulated over so many years.  Once that was all cleared up, I filled the house with Divine White Light and put a protection of White Light around the entire house from foundation to the top of the roof.  I noticed that some of the energy in your annex was due to nervousness and anxiety from your math students. 

However, it should feel lovely, fresh and clean in there now and a positive place for your students to come.   This is going to happen as we live our daily lives.  I’m not the least bit worried about this energy.  Most of the Negative Energy was in your house and your sister-in-law’s place – hers being the worst.  It’s cleared now, and again, it should feel fresh and clean in there and also look brighter. 

Thanks to Mother Earth

Last, I did a healing for the land.  I put Green Light over the land under you house and the surrounding area.  I also used Blue light for good Communication.  Then I put White Light for Love and Blessings.  I thanked Mother Earth for being so patient with everything and everyone over the years.  All the light was absorbed into the earth. 

What “was” is no longer what “is”

Now…I hope you are feeling good, calm and peaceful.  I hope you can feel the difference in your home and gardens.  One thing I will caution you about is the difference between your memories and what real life is.  You mentioned that you woke up feeling the pressure of finances.  Make sure this is not a memory or something you have become used to over these years of being in the house.  Try your best to separate what “was” from what “is” now.  I hope that makes sense. With Love and Blessings – Jayne

Final Feedback:  

Wow this is amazing!  All feels calmer at the moment and I slept well.  I think some of the things I was picking up on were actually the spirits and what was in the house.  It wasn’t actually me or my energy.

The sister – we have always known something was not right health wise but she would never open up and just snapped if she was asked if she was ok. Her eating has always been just minimal and if she attends a party she never eats there or brings her own. She also controlled her families eating habits when they were at home or going to a party.  But for the first time ever this morning she said good morning to me – I nearly fell over!

My partner’s father passed away from lung cancer or some form of lung disease, so that appears to be connected to Patrick.

The brother/sister relationship between my partner and his sister has always been one where the sister wants to get back at him or makes his life impossible.  She interfered in his marriage break down as I spoke to you on the call about, so this could be linked back to the ‘brother’ thing you picked up on.

Apart from that I feel fine now and much more positive.  Parent communication is starting to pick up as well and I am not getting drawn into their drama.

Thank you Jayne, totally wonderful and hope to connect to you soon.


  • The energy of Ghosts and Entities can affect us who walk this Earth Plane.  A Ghost doesn’t have a body to temper their energy or their feelings and they can put their energy onto us.
  • A Curse is an Energy Signature that can be sent to others with the pure intent of causing harm.  It takes a special kind of process to create one and I don’t recommend that you try.  In the end, it only creates bad Karma that WILL Be repaid down the road – either in this life time or the next.  Be careful what you wish for.
  • A Grey is an energy form almost like an Entity but it is usually harmless and doesn’t behave in the same way as an Entity at all.  I often find them in attics or basements.  They can also attach to people, where they experience pain (ie: backs, necks, stomachs etc.).  Once identified, they are easily released and I always send them to the light.
  • You can build the best and most beautiful house on a piece of land, if the land is sickly, your house will be too.  It’s important to honour the land you’re building on either by simply thanking Mother Earth for allowing the build or having a full out, respectful ceremony.  You will not be disappointed.
  • Entities are created beings from strong and deliberate emotion like Fear, Anger and Pain.  You will recognize them.  They are the ones that pull the cat’s tale and move things around in your rooms.  If you have one of these occurrences, please be in touch.  They don’t leave on their own.

With many Thanks to my client in the UK who had the courage to reach out for help and the understanding that energy can be changed to make for a better life.  Your feedback was invaluable.