Help! I’m being haunted!

Is your home filled with negative energy or haunted by a ghost or entity? I can help.

Professional house or workplace clearing and ghost removal services

Ghost Removal Services

House Clearings flush out old, unwanted, stale, dark energy or Ghosts, leaving your home feeling light, fresh, peaceful and calm.

Questions & Answers

Do I really have a ghost in my house? How did it get there? What’s the difference between a spirit and an entity? Get answers to these questions and more…

Meet Dr. Jayne Gibson

Dr. Jayne Gibson – Ordained Minister, ThetaHealing Practitioner, Reiki Master with a PhD in Metaphysics – clears Ghosts from homes or businesses and sends them to the light.

You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home.

After the move into this new place, my boyfriend had a spiritual encounter and I always felt uptight and nervous, especially when alone. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a house clearing but I am a very spiritual person and I knew they were available.

The session was good and in depth! First, Jayne discussed everything and identified our worries, validated our concerns, and then went into the clearing process. It was definitely worth the value! You can’t put a price on comfort in your own home. Thank you so much Jayne for helping us to feel comfortable and secure in our new home! You are a healer in the physical and spiritual world.

~ C. Granger ~

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