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Heritage Home Tour in New Westminster

By Jayne | May 24, 2017

Heritage Home tours in New Westminster

Ask the Expert column – What’s happening to me, my family and my pets?

By Jayne | October 14, 2016

Don’t discipline your Pet for seeing a Ghost that you can’t see.

Ask the Expert Column – Is this My Dearly Departed Grandmother?

By Jayne | September 16, 2016

The difference between a Ghost and a Spirit is in how you feel.

Ask the Expert Column – Is Ghost Rescue a Scam?

By Jayne | September 9, 2016

We all believe in lots of things that can’t be seen or proven!

The Crossover – Documentary

By Jayne | July 20, 2016

A look inside the work and life of Dr Jayne Gibson. Documentary was created, shot and edited by 4 BCIT journalism students as part of a class assignment.

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Ghost Rescuer in Vancouver

Crossover Documentary

The Crossover is a documentary inside the work and life of Metaphysics Doctor and professional ghostrescuer Jayne Gibson. Click to view